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About Sarah Brownlee

Sarah Brownlee

Sarah Brownlee

Having worked as a teacher, a bartender, and even a private investigator, writing was something Sarah Brownlee just fell into, even though it had been her passion since she was a little girl.

To date, she has written and published 3 Children and Young Adult fiction novels, ghostwritten for others, and produced hundreds of articles published all around the web. Sarah has a strong interest in esoteric topics, such as Tarot and Chinese Astrology and writes regularly on these topics for Astrology Answers.

Born and raised in London, England, Sarah flits to and from the Philippines and currently resides in the English county of Devon, which she adores for its deep connection with nature. Sarah is a strong advocate against the Dog Meat Torture Trade in China and the Far-East. She currently heads a 4,000-strong campaign group against the cruelty inflicted on dogs and cats in South East Asia, and is working with the UK government to change legislation in these countries.

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