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About Rhiannon Gessaman

Rhiannon Gessaman

Rhiannon Gessaman

Rhiannon Gessaman is a student and freelance writer who, from the time she began penning letters to the moon, knew she wanted to spend her life writing. She has written for such publications as Self-Love Soup and Astrology Answers.

She is a late bloomer who decided to return to college to pursue a Creative Writing degree, and she quickly found that learning is a passion of hers. While she is pursuing her degree, she volunteers at cat shelters and spends her free time writing and creating digital art. Her ultimate goal is to create a modern, feminist Tarot deck.

Rhiannon enjoys nature and hiking up the mountains in her back yard. She drinks strong coffee, sleeps in late, and often contemplates the nature and existence of unicorns.

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