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About Reanna Pilkington

Reanna Pilkington

Reanna Pilkington

Reanna Pilkington is a communications professional, a double Sagittarius, content writer, and one of Daily Life’s in-house Content Coordinators and Editors. She is a Professional Communications graduate who has spent two years bringing brands to the next level on social media and has been cited by some as a digital content maven. This journey has led her to become a forever-student, meaning that she aims to learn one new thing every day and one new skill each year.

While you may not see her name pop up at the bottom of articles often, Reanna oversees every article that goes out on Daily Life (big sister is watching you… just kidding). She feels incredibly blessed to pursue her love of writing and editing both personally (slam poetry and screenplays) and professionally (for Inkspire Magazine and The Griffin).

On the side, Reanna is also an avid Zumba lover, a true-crime podcast connoisseur, and a sustainability nut. Looking for her? She can usually be found behind her laptop typing faster than the speed of light (with one tab open to a cheap flight tracker), drinking black americanos, and hanging out with her chocolate Labradoodle, Clover. Her favorite topics to write about are mental health, human rights, wellness journeys, and mindfulness.

You can also keep up with Reanna via her Instagram.

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