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Patti Tucker

Patti Tucker

A visionary, Patti Tucker took a definitive leap of faith and resigned from a high profile job as Film Commissioner to accept an invitation from her Soul. This life defining moment occurred soon after the completion of a 3-year program with Master Shaman Zsho-Ten from the Algonquin First Nation in Canada. It was clear to Patti that we must all awaken to the divinity within to allow for a more balanced and peaceful approach to life and living, and this became her passion and purpose.

Patti resides in Alberta, Canada and travels extensively to further her studies of the soul. Her recently published memoir, “A String of Pearls”, her personal search for truth and meaning, has garnered international attention. Patti’s gift is to tap into your soul’s essence and share the wisdom found there. Patti will guide you from a place of spirit for your own personal journey of transformation to unfold.

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