About Marina Khonaisser

Marina Khonaisser

Marina Khonaisser

Marina is a communications professional, content writer, and Daily Life’s Managing Editor! With more than 3 years of digital marketing and social media experience, she has also written for magazines such as YouthInk (where she was first professionally published at the age of 13), and online publications like the Toronto-based Student Life Network. Marina now manages the Daily Life editorial team, social media accounts, and helps other businesses with their branding and online strategies.

With a knack for navigating the digital landscape and an eye for creating beautiful, engaging content that shines on social media, Marina is often known as the Content Queen by many people she works with. She spends much of her free time crafting new blogs or editing Instagram-worthy photos for herself or for clients.

Marina’s other passions include traveling as much as she possibly can (this year she visited her 23rd country!), practicing her headstand in hot yoga, and drinking lots of chocolate milkshakes.

Check Marina out on her Instagram or her blog.

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