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About Marina Khonaisser

Marina Khonaisser

Marina Khonaisser

Marina is a marketing professional, content writer, and Daily Life’s in-house Social Media Specialist! From a young age, she always knew writing was her passion (she still has notebooks upon notebooks of fantastical stories and screenplays) and has written for magazines such as YouthIn, and online publications such as Student Life Network.

It only felt natural to her to pursue and complete a degree in Communications, and she quickly became immersed in the world of digital marketing well before her graduation. After almost 3 years of internships, various job roles in an agency setting, and freelance content roles, Marina now has a knack for the digital landscape. Beautiful, engaging content makes her happy, and she loves creating it.

Marina’s other passions include travelling as much as she possibly can, attempting to do yoga at least three times a week, making her Instagram look pretty, and helping nonprofit organizations with their content and social strategies.

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