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Lien Potgieter

Lien Potgieter

Lien Potgieter is a change-maker, dreamer, and colour therapist. She founded The Colour Option to spread the wonderful word of colour all over the globe as a result is now known as the psychedelic sheep of her family.

Trained as a communication specialist, some ten years ago she exchanged translating words for translating colours. Through colours and their links to the chakras, Lien helps clients to take back their power, own their lives, and live their soul purpose.

Lien loves the moon, the stars, nurseries, and mid-century furniture. She believes in natural healing, energy, self-knowledge, your kind of creativity, and that when we raise our individual consciousness, we can raise the consciousness of the planet.

Lien lives with her soulmate Greg, their toddler Aaron, and Silver, their cat, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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