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About Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

“Believing in yourself is really half the battle,” says Krista. Anything is possible and you really can achieve anything you set your mind to, is her motto. Physiotherapist, Piano player, skydiver, yogi, adventure traveler and energetic force of positivity, Krista is herself a (delightful) force to be reckoned with!

As a health and wellbeing professional Krista has created exercise rehab programs for chronic back pain, weight loss, fibromyalgia, and other chronic conditions. She also serves as a consultant on functional fitness and injury rehab for traveling musicians and artists.

It’s with great pride that we welcome Krista, as our Fitness & Movement Expert, to our team because we know first-hand that her “can-do” attitude and considerable knowledge can only enhance our community and motivate our readers to be their best selves

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