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Kelly Keefe

Kelly Keefe

Following the guidance of her heart for the past 11 years, Kelly has developed a strong foundation in the space of spiritual teaching, energy healing, and empowerment coaching. Living as a Reiki master, ceremonialist, coach, and student of life, she works with individuals and groups to tap into their highest truths and live in alignment with their heart’s desires. She has traveled the world studying with indigenous elders in Guatemala, and while in India, the 2016-2017 #1 Reiki Master in the World.

A fun fact about Kelly is that she is known for her bear hugs and random dancing! She lives each day with the intention to inspire and help others raise their vibrations and live from their heart space. Kelly leads by example that we are fully capable of creating the life that we desire.

Our hearts are singing to have Kelly as a part of our Daily Life team as a Mind, Body, and Soul Expert! She is an in-house healer for Ambrosia Elixirs & Anima Mundi Apothecary and works with companies such as WeWork and Rituals. Kelly also works with individuals ready to level up and ignite their magic. Her meditations can be found on her website and you can follow her vibration-lifting content on her Instagram @iamkellykeefe.

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