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About Anu Sataluri

Anu Sataluri

Anu Sataluri

Anu (short for Anupama) is a clinical researcher by profession. She worked in the healthcare industry for over 7 years, and was responsible for workflow management of clinical trials. During this period, she witnessed several hundred patients walk away in disappointment with “no cure” due to the “symptom-based” approach of Western medicine. She realized that her profession conflicted with her personal beliefs and core values which supported holistic health, energy work and ancient healing practices.

Her love of writing, and the desire to create a healthier world, have prompted her to switch careers, pursue her calling and become a health and wellness content writer. Through her writing Anu strives to spread awareness about conscious living and mindfulness. Anu’s goal is to empower individuals to rethink their beliefs about health and disease. While pursuing her purpose in life, she discovered that she had an inherent ability to tune into people’s energy and specifically work with the emotional energy field. To further her own soul evolution, she became a certified Energy Healer. Currently, when she is not writing, she conducts “Emotional-freedom-through-mindfulness” workshops to heal emotional energy blocks in her clients.

In her free time, Anu is a DIY enthusiast, and she loves to design home décor arts and crafts. Being a vegan, she enjoys intuitive cooking and experimenting in the kitchen to create new vegan recipes. To learn more about Anu and her work follow her on Instagram @anu_sataluri.

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