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woman using app to boost positivity

5 Apps to Boost Your Positivity

In modern society, technology can drain our happiness unless we are conscious of our media consumption and aware of how we use it. But instead of begrudging our societal addiction to social media, app developers are creating positivity programs designed... Read More
A woman holds her hand above her head. She appears to be on a sunny beach, surrounded by sand and water. She is smiling broadly.

How to Notice Miracles in Your Life

When you think of a miracle, what do you imagine? Perhaps you imagine a huge event of Biblical proportions. Perhaps you think of childbirth, which is often described as a miracle. Thinking about the "big" miracles can actually mean that... Read More
Meals for your sacral chakra.

3 Essential Meals for Your Sacral Chakra

These fresh, delicious, and healthy recipes are intended to balance the Sacral chakra! The Sacral chakra, called Svadhisthana in Sanskrit, is the second of the seven energy centers present inside your body. It's located on the stomach. In kundalini yoga,... Read More
A person uses crystals to balance their chakras.

Your 7-Day Chakra Healing Challenge

Here at Daily Life, we talk a lot about the importance of maintaining chakra health – and with good reason! Keeping your chakras balanced and flowing is essential for promoting peace and harmony within the body and the mind. But we... Read More
A woman stands against a pink wall, her hands raised beside her. She looks up into the sky, not pictured.

5 Positive Intentions for Dealing With Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of those things that doesn't sound too bad, but when caught up in the midst of it, it can be as damaging and destructive as anything else. Uncertainty is linked to fear. When we are uncertain – which... Read More
A woman with a top knot wearing yoga clothes sits on her yoga mat cross-legged. She appears deep in concentration.

A 20 Minute Guided Gratitude Meditation

Have you ever met someone who had a natural glow, who adored their life and let their internal light shine all around them? There's a good chance that that person practices the art of gratitude. In fact, one of the... Read More
Two woman sit facing each other on a couch, conversing. They are each holding a glass of white wine and smiling.

What it Means to Be a Good Listener

The ability to listen and tune into another person's problems or emotions is what makes us human. Okay, so if this behavioral trait is at the very core of our being, does it mean that all of us are inherently... Read More
A woman drinks coffee out of a hug that says

Your New Morning Routine, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

A consistent and doable morning routine is one of the best ways to keep you moored and grounded throughout the entire day. In the same way that one-size-fits-all clothes don't fit everybody, no single sunrise ritual will work for every... Read More
Woman receiving reiki healing.

5 Signs That You Need to Try Reiki Cleansing

Reiki is an energy healing modality that works by moving and cleansing the energy in your body's chakra system. By cleansing and re-circulating your energy, you're essentially doing a reboot of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. If you're new... Read More

What is Trataka Meditation?

For all too many of us, stress is a way of life. Dealing with stress can be tricky, and many people prefer to use meditation as a way to relax. While there are different types of meditation, the key point... Read More