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Soul Articles

A man holds yellow flowers in front of his face.

Your One Stop All-You-Need 2021 Self-Love Checklist

What is self-love to you? Skincare routines, green smoothies, loving ugly parts of yourself, daily meditation, spending time alone……Golly, the list is long! So many options! You try them all. But your head is in a tizz, and you... Read More
A woman is standing on some rocks next to the ocean doing a tree yoga pose.

How to Balance Your Chakras Using Yoga

Have you been feeling a bit more sluggish than usual, like you can't seem to get energized? Or maybe your confidence hasn't quite been what it usually is, and it's been more challenging for you to put yourself out there. ... Read More
A woman sits on a hilltop meditating. She is focusing on her third eye with her eyes closed.

10 Energizing Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

The chakra system's history goes back thousands of years, and studies have validated that this ancient energy system deeply relates to human psychology. Your Third Eye chakra, which is the sixth chakra in this system, is one of the seven... Read More
A couple sits on the floor in their living room watching a movie and drinking wine.

The Perfect Valentine’s Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what your perfect date would be based on your Enneagram type? With Valentine's Day coming up, love is in the air more than usual! It's time to whip out those love notes, indulge in those fantasies,... Read More
A couple cuddles on the side of a riverbank.

Open Your Heart Chakra & Overcome the Fear of Intimacy

"Are you open to giving and receiving love?" This is a question that'll probably pop into your head at some point this month because Cupid season is here! And all-things-love is talk of the town. But if you're someone who... Read More
A woman standing in front of a green wall holds a reusable bag over her shoulder.

10 Easy Ways You Can Make Your Life More Sustainable

Sustainability. It's a concept that's been weighing heavy on our hearts and minds for a while now. How can we make sure that we're not only contributing the smallest amount of waste but also creating a more fulfilling and stress-free... Read More
A couple sits having coffee and talking about their relationship.

How to Recognize & Shut Down Gaslighting in Relationships

Gaslighting is one of those horrible things that is easy to spot for an outsider but not easy for the victim. Firstly, it is important to define what gaslighting is. In simple terms, it is denying or undermining another person's... Read More
A woman giving herself a hug while sitting on her couch.

How to Relieve Isolation Loneliness Based on Your Love Language

Not seeing the people we love is incredibly hard. When all you want to do is hug your loved ones - or at the very least, see them in person - and you can't, it's only natural to feel alone.... Read More
A woman holds her arms up to the sky as she runs through a sunflower field.

12 Mantras to Manifest Success in 2021

Are you ready to upgrade your life and attract success as you move into 2021? If you want that extra edge to help, you stand out from the crowd to get that job or meet that special someone this year, using... Read More
A woman sits on a set of blue steps while wearing blue. Light shines around her.

Breaking Down the Blue Aura

Did you know that your personality has a certain color, a particular shade that glows just outside of your physical being? That's right. Your aura functions as an "unseen spiritual energy field" which surrounds not only your body but the... Read More