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A Rebirth Ritual for the Autumn Equinox

How excited do you feel on the very first day of fall? This time of the year is a favorite for many, and we're here today to talk about a ritual that can help you feel grounded and get pumped... Read More
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8 Grounding Affirmations for the Root Chakra

Are you having trouble focusing? Are you feeling stressed about everything you need to do but aren't exactly sure where to get started? Good news! This is the perfect time to take a break and use some simple Root chakra... Read More
A man stands on a beach with his hands together in gratitude.

How to Practice Daily Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude can be the game-changing secret to a deeply fulfilling life. I heard a story about someone who traveled to India to meet a famous spiritual teacher. It was a big journey, not just a drive-through... Read More
mantras for love healing and prosperity

Mantras for Love, Prosperity, & Healing

Our thoughts have a powerful energetic frequency. Their wavelengths send beacons of intention out into the universe, and yet, most of our thoughts happen on a subconscious level. Many have studied both the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to... Read More
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How to Nurture Your Female Friendships

Cattiness (although a somewhat sexist term) is a major trait that haunts many female relationships. You've probably been there. You let your competitive nature get the best of you. You say something about another woman that you probably wouldn't want... Read More

You Need These 7 Crystals for Autumn

Are we really going to pretend like autumn isn't the best time of the year? If you're living in the northern hemisphere, we're fast approaching some of the amazing parts of this season – crispy, falling, golden leaves; pumpkin spice; apple... Read More
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15 Ways You Can Conserve Energy & Feel Good About It!

There's no denying it: our activities on the planet are making major environmental changes – and most of them aren't all too great for ourselves or the rest of the world. We are further at risk of depleting our resources, forcing... Read More
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Shadow Work: What It Is & 4 Steps That Will Help You Face the Darkness

We all have this idea about ourselves, of being good people. We are full of compassion, empathy, love, and we glow with positivity in our minds. We like to ignore the fact that every one of us has a bit... Read More
Two women sit on yoga mats crossed-legged. Their eyes are closed and their hands rest, open-palmed facing the ceiling. There is a grey couch in the background, so it appears they are in a living room.

A Yoga Flow for Empaths

An empath has the incredible ability to tune into others' feelings and emotions. Yet, this gift also comes with a great burden. At times, you may feel overwhelmed. And you might struggle to live in the present and balance all... Read More
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25 Ways to Fight Boredom Right Now

Are you on the hunt for things to do when you're bored? With everything going on in the world right now, it's probably been at least a few months since any of us have been able to do some of... Read More