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Soul Articles

Speaking the Love Languages: Acts of Service

Hey DL Family! Today, I'm going to talk about Acts of Service, the fourth Love Language (which also happens to be my primary Love Language). (If you haven't read the introductory article in the Speaking the Love Languages series, "The... Read More
Nutella energy balls.

Feed Your Body Friday: Nutella Energy Balls

Let me start by saying that I love energy balls. In all ways, it is the perfect snack because it is filling, delicious, easy, and incredibly nutritious. Also, let's not forget that they can be adapted to our own tastes... Read More

How to Feel Sexy All The Time: It Comes From Within

We are the only creatures in nature that have developed self-hatred. We think we are so intelligent and yet the marketing schemes we have so ingeniously dreamed up have created severe self-esteem issues and it's safe to say many unhealthy... Read More
A woman with space buns in stares out at nature.

The Healing Benefits of Nature Bathing

When you think of water, what's the first thing that springs to mind? Perhaps something to drink? Rivers and lakes? Floods and rainstorms? Baths and showers? The Healing Benefits of Water and Nature Water is more than just a fluid... Read More
A woman sits meditating on a cliff in front of the sunset.

A Meditation to Stop Self-Sabotage Cycles

With this meditation, you'll be able to move forward with self-knowledge about how you may have blocked success and happiness out of fear in the past. This meditation will help us see behaviors that we fall into without realizing it... Read More
A woman is dancing on the beach in jeans and a white shirt with the sun shining on her.

Moving Emotions: What is Kama Muta?

Do you remember the last time that you felt so connected to someone or something, a pet, the Universe, a loved one, that you felt moved by that love? Perhaps moved to tears, so beautiful is the sensation of feeling... Read More
person holding envelop with hearts coming out of it behind their back

Speaking the Love Languages: Words of Affirmation

Hello DL Family! Welcome to the fourth installment of Speaking the Love Languages. Today, we'll be diving into the Love Language of Words of Affirmation. (By the way, if you haven't read the introductory article in this series, "The Myth... Read More
woman receiving gift love language

Speaking the Love Languages: Receiving Gifts

Hello DL Family! Before we begin, let's make something clear: someone whose primary Love Language is Receiving Gifts is not automatically selfish or materialistic. This is a common misconception about this Love Language, but remember that people who understand love... Read More
Person holds little white flowers in their hand between their thumb and pointer finger. The background is grey.

Building Self-Esteem: Learning to Accept Compliments

Do you find that you have trouble accepting compliments? If someone praises you or tells you something nice about yourself, do you find yourself shying away or rebuffing it? Does the thought of thinking of yourself in a positive light... Read More
benefits of cold weather on the body

The Cold & Your Body: Are There Benefits?

Winter is upon us. And in most places, so is the cold weather. But guess what? It's not all bad. As much as you might hate the frigid cold air, it has many surprising health benefits. Yet, this does not... Read More