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Soul Articles

woman contributing to national food bank day

Here’s How You Can Contribute to National Food Bank Day

Did you know that the first Friday of every September is National Food Bank Day? This is a day that brings awareness to the continuing problem of hunger within our global community. This year, National Food Bank Day occurs on... Read More
person with victor mentality

Stop Blaming and Start Claiming Your Life

“It’s not my fault!” “The world is against me.” Sound familiar? It might be time for you to stop blaming everything and everyone else for what goes wrong in your life - and start to claim responsibility for your... Read More
woman canoeing to connect with nature

Connecting With Nature for Soul Therapy

We are living in stressful times. Ironically, the era that brings us the greatest advances in medical technology and longevity is also the one that brings us the most amounts of stress. Stress has its uses, naturally; it is intimately... Read More
man balancing on rooftop

How to Balance Your Chakras with Complementary Colors

Colour – like love and consciousness – is all around. It is in our homes, our wardrobes, our food, in nature and even in our speech. When was the last time that you were green with envy or tickled pink? Also like... Read More
two female friends practicing active listening to each other

How to Improve Your Active Listening

The world is full of distractions. And it makes relationship communication - and communication in general - tough. While we connect online, we may be missing out on making meaningful connections in person. Just the other day, I was out... Read More
person on a wellness retreat

Are Wellness Retreats Worth It?

First of all, let's start out by saying you probably don't realize just how many different types of wellness retreats are available. Before we answer the question, 'are wellness retreats worth it,' we need to look at the very... Read More
woman receiving reiki for emotional healing

Deep-Level Emotional Energy Healing with Reiki

As adults, we are faced with many decisions such as; what job to take, where to live, and who to spend our time with. In this process, we come up against ourselves in a few common ways that we end... Read More
woman holding paper with female gender symbol

How to Embrace Your Femininity in a Masculine World

It's no secret that it can be difficult being a woman in a man's world. For hundreds, even thousands of years, women have been oppressed and marginalized in nearly every society and culture in existence. While certain movements have made... Read More
woman listening to podcast and smiling

Top 10 Soul-Filling Podcasts

Podcasts are all the rage. Got a long drive ahead? Throw on a podcast! Why not learn something while you commute? Want to add something to your cooking routine or arts and crafts session? Listen to a podcast. Find some... Read More
woman doing daily meditation and smiling softly

How Meditating Everyday Changed My Life

I'll admit it: I was doubtful. Meditation sounded a little too good to be true. You hear about the meditation benefits. They sound a tad out there. And I come from a very scientific background, so it's hard for me... Read More