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Soul Articles

happy woman lying in winter snow

10 High-Vibe Affirmations to Help You Enjoy the Holidays

Feeling a little ho-ho-humbug about the holidays? Maybe you've already gotten off track on your budget or diet or maybe you're dreading some of the obligatory holiday gatherings? Whatever your current holiday status, we can upgrade it! Affirmations are a... Read More
young man breathing

Radiate From These Simple Breathing Techniques

Radiance is the most universally attractive type of beauty and we want to share two fun breathing techniques that will make you feel and look great! Breathing is free, easy, and lifts your spirits. Breathwork fills can fill us with... Read More
person in yellow jacket in winter

Winter Holidays to Renew Your Soul

It's that time of year when we start to crowd the malls and pull out our baking supplies. We are mailing cards and planning our party itineraries, but how do we use this time to renew our soul? We came... Read More
2 adult women friends

Making Friends as an Adult? Yeah You Can!

Your relationships shape you. They open you up to new opportunities and adventures - and perhaps a lot of things you wouldn't normally try on your own. Yet, as we get older, we tend to let our relationships with old... Read More
christmas gift

Heartwarming Christmas Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

As the holidays approach, some of us may be gulping in dread over the debt we're apt to incur - or in fear of disappointing someone we love because we've been so off the mark on previous gifts. With less... Read More
person boosting their productivity

10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity

It seems like there are just never enough hours in the day to get everything done. We all likely wish we could be a little more productive. It would definitely help with stress management during the holidays - a time... Read More
woman relaxing on front porch with feet up

Why Relaxation is Necessary for Soul Connection

Do you ever feel like you can't slow down? Do you wonder what the point of slowing down even is? Maybe you don't feel tired. But when was the last time you really checked in with yourself? In your busy,... Read More
lonely woman on a swingset alone

Why Am I So Lonely & How Can I Stop?

Where does loneliness come from? Loneliness is the feeling or belief that one cannot be happy alone. We're here to tell you that that belief comes from a limited perspective of who you really are and what you're really capable... Read More
two women talking and laughing

You Shouldn’t Believe Everything Your Friends Say About Sex - Here’s Why

For many, sex is a private, personal and secret affair. It's also something that men and women around the world tend to be incredibly insecure about. In this article, we discuss the self-doubt that many people – especially men – harbour when... Read More

National Day of Giving - How Can You Give Back?

The holiday season is in full swing - meaning 'tis the season for giving! And it doesn't mean you have to go and spend your life savings on expensive gifts or activities. In fact, if you're aiming for an optimal... Read More