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Soul Articles

A woman surrounded in green light and smoke.

Breaking Down the Green Aura

Are you aware that your personality, your unique DNA, is pulsating with vibrant life, all its own? That's right, your own spirit has an energy that is projecting out there into the world, and those who pay attention can even... Read More
Meals for your throat chakra.

3 Meals for Your Throat Chakra

Today, we are going to focus on balancing our Throat chakra through the healing power of nutrition. Blue is an essential color to incorporate when balancing the Throat chakra. You will notice that this color is incorporated with many fruits... Read More
A woman looks up at the sky and throws her head back in joy.

10 Affirmations for Going With the Flow

Life may seem to be moving at a snail's pace as you wait for the world to get back to normal. That feeling of wanting to move forward may mean that you're being all too hard on yourself about things... Read More
A couple holds each other and smile while getting their photo taken on the beach.

5 “Green Flags” You Might Have in Your Relationship

We've heard about red flags at the start of a new relationship, but what about the green ones? The red flags (such as possessive behavior, jealous tendencies, and narcissism) are warning signs that everyone needs to watch out for. Gaslighting... Read More
A woman working in her office surrounded by green plant life.

The Best 10 Plants for Your WFH Office

Office plants can bring the great outdoors inside, even while you work! And hey, if you need a mood-pick-me-up, a little bit of greenery can go a long way. A well-tended plant freshens the air around your workspace. It also... Read More
A close up of a young hand holding an older hand.

Are You An Old Soul?

You might be asking yourself…what is an old soul? Some people are described as old souls, and you may have heard the term to describe someone who appears to know more than the average person, regardless of what age... Read More
A person holding mala beads in their hands while meditating.

How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

It doesn't matter if you've been meditating for years or you're just now starting to open your heart and mind to the practice – if you're not including Mala beads in your meditation, you may be missing out! Meditation can be... Read More
A person holding their hands up on a mountain to make it look like they are holding the sun in their hands.

Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

When you think of a spiritual awakening, you might immediately think of a "woke" person. And you wouldn't be far off from the truth here. A spiritual awakening can lead to enlightenment and even more fulfillment eventually in your life.... Read More
A person is meditating instead of being on their phone.

10 Things to Do Rather Than Reaching for Your Phone

Is there any of one of us who isn't guilty of this? Be honest. How many times do you wake up, and the first thing you do is check your phone? Okay, it might be to hit the snooze button... Read More
A note card that has a mantra on it, surrounded by rose petals.

12 Mantras for Manifestation

The law of attraction is based on the premise that like attracts like. Many statements are used to describe this, such as "misery loves company," "what you seek is seeking you," "what you think you become," and "energy flows where... Read More