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Soul Articles

child holding basket of colourful easter eggs

Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

Easter falls on April 21st this year and we know that big long-standing traditions like this can mean family stress. We have some simple holiday stress management tips for you so you can look forward to this Easter and similar... Read More
boyfriend and girlfriend having a picnic

Understanding Infatuation

Infatuation: strong but not usually lasting feelings of love or attraction. You fall head over heels for the person within a few weeks. You're convinced this is it. This person is the one. You love everything about them. They can't... Read More
woman spending time with her poodle

Self-Care Sunday: Animal Therapy

We've all felt the emotional effects of having a beloved pet in our lives - from your dog waiting for you at the door when you get home, to your bird who wakes you up every morning with a friendly... Read More
two boyfriends in a romance

A Chemical Romance: What Happens to the Brain in Love?

Have you ever wondered what on earth is happening to your brain when you're falling head-over-heels in love with someone? Your brain feels foggy, their scent is intoxicating, you can't focus, you need more of them, you're almost obsessed and... Read More
brother and sister taking a selfie with their dog

Oh, Brother! How to Strengthen Your Relationships with Your Siblings

The sibling relationship is a complicated one. You fight because you love them. You love them, so you fight. Then, there's the sibling rivalry. Sometimes, there's sibling bullying (ugh). It's a complex relationship unlike any other. At the end of... Read More
adult siblings angry at each other

5 Ways to Deal With Adult Sibling Rivalry

The relationship you have with your siblings is one of the most important relationships in your life - but also one of the most complex. All siblings fight - but what happens when you find yourself in a full-on sibling... Read More
two women resting their eyes with cucumbers for self care

Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Eyes a Rest

Mindful living enthusiasts often think about having a healthy work-life balance, but we'd like to introduce you to a new self-care practice - resting your eyes! We aren't just talking about sleeping. We are actually shedding some light on the 5... Read More
two boyfriends standing far apart but still holding hands

Questions to Ask Yourself When Rebuilding a Relationship

Perhaps an explosive fight or some form of drama has wedged itself between you and your partner or friend. Maybe dishonesty has created a shift of trust in your relationship. Or maybe miscommunication has created some kind of shadow that... Read More
self love ideas for springtime

10 Fresh Self-Love Ideas for Springtime

It's time to refresh our lives as we enter into spring and that means we can start new habits that will give us more energy and heal the lethargic state we can be left in after winter. Whether you feel... Read More
woman laughing on april fools day

Medicine of Laughter - Lighten Up on April Fools’

The origins of April Fools' Day are debatable. It may have started as early as the 1400s, deriving from Geoffrey Chaucer's book, The Canterbury Tales. It was the first interpreted association between April 1st and foolishness. Today, it's a means... Read More