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Soul Articles

Blonde woman holding a quartz crystal to her forehead to represent the third eye chakra.

The Essential Guide to the Third-Eye Chakra

Each of the seven major chakras functions in our bodies as a point of spinning energy, a wheel of spirit within us. When our chakras are out-of-whack or misaligned, it can feel like our entire lives are topsy-turvy; and when... Read More
Three female friends are playing in a puddle and laughing.

How to Make Your Own Sunshine During the Winter

With the onset of winter in full swing, many of us are dreaming of sunshine… and perhaps a beach to lie on and a margarita to sip. So why not take every opprtunity to bring as much sunshine into our... Read More
A pink wrapped present covered in metallic heart-shaped confetti.

Getting it Right: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift

The Holidays are quickly approaching and with them the pressure to properly procure the perfect gift for your loved ones. Let's be honest, you may be feeling the stress that so many others do this time of year. While we... Read More
A woman with purple hair stands on a mountain, looking out towards the future.

Back to Mindfulness: A Time-Travel Meditation To Shape Your Future

December 8, 2019 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day! In honor of this day, we have created a meditation to help you get in touch with the past, present, and future. If you have been feeling like you're on autopilot... Read More
A woman in yellow lays on beautiful green grass.

Your 30-Day Inner Healing Journey: A Checklist

There are many ways to approach your inner healing but today we will help you find a simple step-by-step approach. What if we told you that you could make major changes and see results from your inner healing journey in... Read More
A present is wrapped in paper instead of plastic.

Simply Perfect: Celebrating the Holidays with Minimalism

While the holidays are typically a time of indulgence and overspending, you don't have to go overboard just to have fun this season. It is possible to create a warm and beautiful atmosphere of holiday spirit as a minimalist. We... Read More
Woman doing her skincare routine in front of a mirror with a towel in her hair.

7 Ways to Protect Your Skin this Winter

Got dry skin? Do you find the cold wreaks havoc on your complexion? You aren't alone! This winter, you can put your skin health first and pro-actively look for ways to limit the winter's harsh winds and cold. After all,... Read More
A beautiful room curated to be sustainable.

The Conscious Closet: The Basics of a Sustainable Wardrobe

Our society swims in a sea of consumerism. It's always about the latest smartphone, the latest gadget, or the new up-and-coming fashion trend. Yet, a ton of these items end up in landfills. Often, these purchases feel great at first... Read More
A man creates latte art at a local coffee shop.

Small Business Saturday: The Benefits of Supporting Local

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the U.S., many of us are spending lots of money online in order to savour week of deals. But there is another important, inspirational holiday that is far less well-known to take note... Read More
Two men hugging on Thanksgiving.

How to Show Meaningful Appreciation on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a special time of year for many people all across the United States, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean Islands and Liberia. Originally, it began as a day for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest back... Read More