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Soul Articles

Person meditating.

A Guided Meditation for Crystal Clear Focus

These days, focusing has become a rare skill. In order to learn new skills and collect enough information to grow, we need the ability to focus. Focusing helps us lower stress because our body can relax when it can hone... Read More
Person holding a Polaroid.

Breathwork to Clear Doubt & Indecision

Many of us spend a lot of time and energy on indecision. But how much mulling over decisions is too much? If you think you've been on the fence for long enough about something and your indecision is starting to... Read More
Person buried in clutter.

A Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering Your Home

The Art of Decluttering (and yes, it is an art) is one we all attempt at some time or another – often multiple times. For some, the challenge is a welcome one; for others, it pulls them into the grips of... Read More
Person dancing in glitter.

25 Ways to Fight Boredom Right Now!

Are you on the hunt for things to do when you're bored? With everything going on in the world right now, it's probably been at least a few months since any of us have been able to do some of... Read More
An encouraging quote surrounded by daisies.

Internal Appreciation: Learning to Love Yourself When You’re Lonely

Have you been feeling lonely lately? The feeling of loneliness can result from the experience of physical or emotional separation from loved ones. Loneliness is something that many of us are facing right now, especially in the current age of... Read More
Meals for your throat chakra.

Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Meals for Your Throat Chakra

Today, we are going to focus on balancing our Throat chakra through the healing power of nutrition. Blue is a very important color to incorporate when balancing the Throat chakra, so in today's recipes with will be incorporating it as... Read More
Taking a staycation with a pillow that says

Why You Should Take a Staycation: Unwind at Home

We all need a vacation now and again – a chance to get away from the stressors of daily life and focus on our wellbeing and happiness. Vacations can be expensive, hard to plan, and even off-limits during times of safer-at-home... Read More
A woman doing a throat chakra meditation.

A Throat Chakra Meditation for Clarity & Confidence

Do you feel like lately, your voice isn't being heard, or your are being lost in translation? You could have a blocked Throat chakra. Luckily, we have a meditation for that! This meditation will help you open up to feel... Read More
Woman dancing in sunflowers.

5 Secrets To Activate Your Inner Happiness At Any Time

When life throws us a curve-ball and we are dealing with stress, we may find it more difficult to feel happy. Especially with the current global pandemic on our shoulders, it can be very helpful to use a few time... Read More
Person holding a blue vase with yellow flowers in it.

5 Simple Feng Shui Tricks to Create a Peaceful Home

As more of us spend time indoors and in our living environments, there is no better time to incorporate the art of Feng Shui into our lives! What is Feng Shui? Simply put, Feng Chui is an Ancient Chinese art... Read More