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A woman embraces herself. She is sitting on a bed with white linens, wearing a white t-shirt and striped pants.

How to Love Your Body Through All Phases of Life

Let's just admit it. Body love is tough. It's easy to point out your own flaws and imperfections. But so much more difficult to find beauty in the face and body staring back at you in the mirror. We've all... Read More
A brunette woman wearing all blue sits on a dock looking out at the ocean. She is thinking.

A Mindfulness Practice For Self-Love

When unexpected things happen and we go through changes, it's easy to forget about the simple things that keep us happy. We have all been adjusting to the social distancing measures and adapting to a changing environment. This mindfulness practice... Read More
Two people hold hands and smile at each other.

5 Ways to Communicate Better With Your Partner

Have you ever found yourself positioned in the middle of a heated argument with your partner, desperate for a more effective way to communicate? Listen, each relationship in life is going to include a disagreement or two – some menial and... Read More
A smiling person with short dark hair wearing a white shirt holds books in both hands and is looking at one of them. One of the books has a decorative cover with a blue floral pattern. She appears to be in a book store.

7 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success for a Great Day

Some mornings, you can tell that it's not going to be a good day from the very first blare of the alarm. And maybe getting set up for success is the last thing on your mind. You've overslept, and everyone's... Read More
A woman faces away from the camera while showering. Her hair is filled with soap.

A Shower Meditation to Cleanse Negativity

Can't get a moment to yourself? Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? If you want to get some good vibes flowing, what better place to find solitude and set your intention than in the shower? We have come up with... Read More

Why Do I Feel Resentful in My Relationship?

Perhaps you've once come home from work seething. You've been passed over and ignored one too many times. Your hard work has been credited to someone else, or perhaps some advice you gave was ignored - and now you have... Read More
Two friends hugging.

5 Examples of Intuitive Thinking in Everyday Life

Intuition is not just something used by psychics. You use your own intuition in your everyday life and probably don't even realize it! Think you're not intuitive? Think again. We use our intuition all the time to filter information and... Read More
A man stands with his arms out wide.

10 Mantras for Following Your Intuition

Intuition. It's one of life's biggest gifts, and it can even act as your own personal superpower if you learn how to work with and amplify that gut feeling inside. There's something magical about the natural, instinctual feelings and responses... Read More
A man sits on his laptop, finally getting to work.

How to Stop Procrastinating in 3 Easy Steps

Procrastination. Do you cringe at the mere mention of this word? If you are human, the chances are that at some point in time, you might have put off doing the dishes, running errands, or pursuing a side hustle. And... Read More
A woman takes a Full Moon bath.

A Self-Care Practice for the Full Moon

Have you ever looked up at the sky and felt such a strong connection with the Full Moon that you can't quite explain? You are not alone. The moon in her full state is associated throughout history and in many... Read More