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A couple sits having coffee and talking about their relationship.

How to Recognize & Shut Down Gaslighting in Relationships

Gaslighting is one of those horrible things that is easy to spot for an outsider but not easy for the victim. Firstly, it is important to define what gaslighting is. In simple terms, it is denying or undermining another person's... Read More
A woman sits on the floor with her dog after having a panic attack.

What to Do When You’re Having a Panic Attack

If you're like me, anxiety is the watchword, and fight-or-flight mode is always just around the corner. For those who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks are sometimes just a part of life, no matter how enlightened or spiritually evolved you... Read More
A woman wearing red walks along a bright blue wall on her phone.

Everything You Need to Know About Attachment Styles

One of the most beautiful experiences in life is that of falling in love: The butterflies you feel in your stomach, the way your world seems to flip upside when the apple of your eye walks into the room. It's... Read More
A woman stands against a white wall and holds a large bouquet of daisies in front of her face.

10 Compliments That Have Nothing to Do With Appearance

Think about the last time someone told you they really liked your ideas or the way you feel compassion for those around you. Now, think about the last time someone said your shirt was pretty or your hair looked nice. ... Read More
A chef stands in front of his kitchen.

Your Perfect Career for 2021, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

A new year breaks open a new chapter for many of us. With a fresh start, you might be motivated to make a change. Perhaps that comes in the form of a new career. Based on your Myers-Briggs Personality, what... Read More
A man sits in his clean bedroom meditating on a yoga mat.

A Meditation for Self-Healing

2020 was a hard year, and many of us still need healing from the stress of it all. Our bodies and minds have been bombarded by the stress of change, social unrest, deep divisions within society, and higher levels of uncertainty. ... Read More
A woman is writing in her journal on an outdoor picnic bench.

Start Your Day With These 5 Positive Journal Prompts

If there's one thing we need more of in the world right now, it's positivity! There's a lot of talk about how we can be more positive: being more mindful, meditating, journaling, staying focused on the "good," and refusing to... Read More
A woman looks out the window with a tea in her hand. She is thinking of the uncertain road ahead.

Here’s How to Cope With Uncertainty

The unknown is scary. And worrying about it can quickly lead you down a path of serious anxiety. Not only that, but this anxiety can paralyze you. While the current uncertainty is leaving us all feeling a little bit out... Read More
A woman with grey hair lifts hand weights outside.

The Best Workout for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

If you're looking for a workout that fits you like a glove, look no further! It can often be a long and laborious task trying to find a workout that "works" for you. In fact, it can be so trying... Read More
A woman meditates in her home with a bunch of distractions around her.

Tackle Anxiety With This Yoga Flow

Yoga has many benefits, and one that can really help us during the pandemic is that it can help calm frazzled nerves. Since there are different types of yoga, some styles are better for calming anxiety than others. The slow... Read More