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Mind Articles

person dropping CBD oil out of dropper

10 Common Ailments CBD Oil Can Help With

As we get older, we take on financial stress, the stress of major life decisions and can be dealing with healing from multiple life traumas. Nerves can cause a lot of health conditions and yet that doesn't mean we can... Read More
sad woman sitting on dock alone during summer

Summertime Sadness Solutions: How to Enjoy Summer Your Way

Do you dread bikini season? Do you get anxious about the social activities surrounding the summer months? The long days of summer can make us feel like we need to be out doing the same things as everyone else. Whether... Read More
woman alone by a lake at a silent retreat

Should You Try a Silent Retreat?

Life can get hectic even while we are accomplishing our goals, doing what we love and feeling like things are working out. Life can also feel overwhelming painful when we have difficulties that feel like they are out of our... Read More
woman experiencing gratitude clutches hands over heart

How Somatic Gratitude Connects the Body to the Mind

Many of us understand how important gratitude is in our lives - showing our appreciation for the people, places, situations, and events we are able to experience in this life, even when things are rough. Some make gratitude lists, while... Read More
adult students in classroom

The School of Life: The Benefits of Life-Long Learning

Thought you were done with learning after school? Think again! Life-long learning has some serious benefits. It's not just about professional or personal growth and development. Learning new stuff literally changes your brain chemistry - in a good way. Surprisingly, 74%... Read More
person holding a plant and smiling in a garden

Mindful Gardening - How to Turn Gardening into Meditation

Many of us begin gardening to improve the aesthetic appeal of our property. Or perhaps even to grow fresh and budget-friendly veggies. There is something so appealing about nurturing life and watching it grow. It calls to us. It makes... Read More
annoyed woman on phone

How to Kick Your Complaining Habit

According to Active Family, the average person complains a whopping 30 times a day. What's the big deal? We all have a little steam to blow off once in a while, it can help us get something off our chests and... Read More
boyfriend kissing girlfriend on forehead

Pucker Up! Your Brain & Body on Kissing

The verdict is in: Kissing is good for your brain and your body. For the most part, we know there are a variety of sex benefits. It strengthens your relationship. It surprisingly boosts your immunity. And bonus: it even counts... Read More
people using cell phones on social media

Instant Connection: The Upside to Social Media

Social media gets a lot of blame these days. We bash it for messing with people's mental and emotional state. We argue it makes the next generation more narcissistic. We fault each other for not truly living in the world... Read More
nurse suffering from ptsd sitting on the floor

The Body & Mind on PTSD

11% or about 1 in 10 Canadian Armed Forces Personnel experience post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, in their lifetime. Almost 14% of Canadian Armed Forces Personnel deployed to Afghanistan between 2001 and 2008 were diagnosed with mental health issues upon their return. And interestingly, about 20% of... Read More