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Why You Need “Iffirmations”

Have you ever tried to raise your vibrations through the use and practice of positive affirmations, only to find that these golden nuggets of wisdom that do wonders for the rest of the world just don't seem to work on... Read More
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The 7-Day Soul Reset

Have you ever wondered why all great movies and stories contain conflict? Because perfect is boring, and that's why life is complicated. It isn't always easy, but those challenging moments are what help us to grow and evolve. But sometimes,... Read More

Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

We’re asking: Should you masturbate for self-care? But wait - hold up - is masturbation even self-care? Let's talk about it. You might masturbate to release some pent-up sexual tension, but have you ever used it to get to... Read More

What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

If you're new to the world of auras – fields of energy that surround the body, typically invisible to the naked eye – then you may find it surprising to discover that our auras can come in myriad different colors and shades. ... Read More

“Am I a Medium?” Here’s How You Can Tell

When we think of mediums, we probably think of supernatural humans with extraordinary abilities that most of us can't even begin to comprehend. Think Whoopi Goldberg in "Ghost," Jennifer Love Hewitt in "Ghost Whisperer," or the Golden Dawn members in ... Read More

How to Identify Your Toxic Behaviors

Are you starting to wonder, "Am I the toxic one?" Maybe you have relationships or friendships that never seem to last. You feel like everything keeps happening to you. But what if you are the one manifesting or creating these... Read More
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5 Apps to Boost Your Positivity

In modern society, technology can drain our happiness unless we are conscious of our media consumption and aware of how we use it. But instead of begrudging our societal addiction to social media, app developers are creating positivity programs designed... Read More
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5 Positive Intentions for Dealing With Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of those things that doesn't sound too bad, but when caught up in the midst of it, it can be as damaging and destructive as anything else. Uncertainty is linked to fear. When we are uncertain – which... Read More
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What it Means to Be a Good Listener

The ability to listen and tune into another person's problems or emotions is what makes us human. Okay, so if this behavioral trait is at the very core of our being, does it mean that all of us are inherently... Read More
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Your New Morning Routine, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

A consistent and doable morning routine is one of the best ways to keep you moored and grounded throughout the entire day. In the same way that one-size-fits-all clothes don't fit everybody, no single sunrise ritual will work for every... Read More