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A woman dances around surrounded by golden confetti.

5 Joyful Activities to Start Doing Today

Do you feel like your joy has been hard to find lately? Like all you do is work and take care of things around the house, only taking breaks for sustenance when needed? When we're young and spirited, practicing joyful... Read More
A woman lays on her bed journaling before bed.

End Your Day With These 5 Journal Prompts

What is a journal prompt? To put it simply, a journal prompt is a statement designed to inspire you. Imagine you're Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings, and you've just been trusted with the enormous task of throwing the... Read More
A woman advocating for herself on a video chat.

Why is Self-Advocacy So Important?

When you think of self-advocacy, your mind might immediately go to asking for a pay raise or standing up for yourself. While true, self-advocacy is so much more than that. And it can be tough to wrap our minds around. ... Read More
A woman having a frustrating conversation on the phone in her home office.

How to Respond Instead of React in Communication

Has someone ever said something to you, and your feelings were so hurt that you lashed out before you knew what was happening? Or has someone said something thoughtless or careless, and you've been left stewing in your anger or... Read More
A man eating while working on his computer.

Are You Stress Eating?

Did you know our ancestors would eat as much as they could during a crisis because of the lack of food security? They endured some very psychologically stressful times: famines, diseases, harsh weather conditions, and hungry predators, from whom they... Read More
A man lays on his couch doing nothing.

5 Reasons You Need to Do Nothing Today

The alarm clock rings, and you hit the floor running. You pack lunches, feed the pets, get the kids off to school, and fight the daily commute. It's phone calls, meetings, emails, co-workers, bosses, frustration, deadlines, and more all day. ... Read More
A person pours essential oils into a stone diffuser.

8 Essential Oils Perfect for Anxiety

During times of stress, one of the best things we can do is pay attention to our physical body's needs. Stress exists in the mind, but it is an array of factors outside of the mind that also contribute to... Read More
A couple sits on the floor in their living room watching a movie and drinking wine.

The Perfect Valentine’s Date for Your Enneagram Personality Type

Have you ever wondered what your perfect date would be based on your Enneagram type? With Valentine's Day coming up, love is in the air more than usual! It's time to whip out those love notes, indulge in those fantasies,... Read More
A woman listening to music to reduce her stress levels.

The 4 Different Types of Stress & How to Manage Them

Stress is an unfortunate part of everyday life for many people. It can be so debilitating that it drives people to desperately seek relief forms, whether in the form of alcohol, drugs - both legal and illegal - over-eating, or... Read More
A woman stands on her balcony breathing in fresh air.

How to Get Out of a Rut When You Feel Mentally Defeated

Most people at some point feel stuck in a rut, whether that involves their relationship, sex life, career, or just life in general. Maybe you're there right now. You feel like you're pressing on the gas as hard as you... Read More