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Mind Articles

woman meditating on her bed

How to Develop a Habit of Daily Meditation

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a racing mind? Do you feel yourself cycling, thinking about things that make you sad, angry, or stressed on a regular basis? Those are clear indicators that it's time... Read More
Woman working on her laptop at her white kitchen table.

Working From Home: Motivation & Wellness

Have you ever thought about the possibility of working from home? Skipping the commute and waking up right next to your office? If your answer is "yes," you're not alone. This trend has been growing in popularity and has seen... Read More
Woman sitting with her camera on purple steps outside a purple building.

Violet Vibrations: The Ultimate Guide to the Color Purple

Imagine that you step outside during dusk, right when the sun is setting, to view a dusky lilac sky. Envision a field of lavender, waving in the wind with its light, purple hues. How do these images make you feel?... Read More
man unplugs from the digital world

10 Quick Tips to Unplug from the Digital World

Have you noticed yourself or others spending more and more and more time in the digital world? Our increasing use of social media is literally rewiring our brains to crave instant gratification and constant stimulation. Social media essentially preys on... Read More
A man with long curly brown hair sits drinking tea in a posh room. He is smiling.

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

An article published in Psychology Today on loneliness brings up an interesting truth about isolation. The more isolated people are, the more their brains go into fight or flight mode, making them feel unsafe in social situations. That means that... Read More
Woman stands alone in the crowd running her hand through her hair. She wears a bright yellow jumper.

Understanding Impostor Syndrome: You Belong Here

Imagine that a colleague or employer just gave you a compliment on the fantastic job you've been doing lately. What are the thoughts running through your head? While many people receive a compliment at face value, believing that they deserve... Read More
Woman is feng shuing her apartment by moving a plant.

Can Feng Shui Relieve Stress?

Picture your home, your office, your car. Scan around the area and count the piles of stuff, the amount of things you've accumulated, the boxes and shelves of knickknacks and doodads that have made themselves comfortable taking up space in... Read More
Woman drinking tea under a blanket.

A Ton of Comfort: Do You Need a Weighted Blanket?

Do you have trouble sleeping or often wish that you felt more comfortable throughout the night? Do you seem to toss and turn no matter how many adorable, fuzzy sheep you've been counting? If you answered yes, the comfort you... Read More

3 Signs You Might Be an Ambivert - Between Introversion & Extroversion

If you're familiar with your Meyers-Briggs type, you probably already know which side of the introvert/extrovert divide you lie on. But, if you're anything like me, you might find yourself consistently scoring right on the cusp of introversion and... Read More
A person meditating at the end of a dock. They lake is still and the mountains in the distance have snow at the peak.

Don’t Be Defined By Your Past: A Meditation To Move On

As adults, many of our experiences are colored by the past. The way we perceive what people do and say and even what we feel is possible comes from our past. Sometimes difficult experiences have us frozen in time because... Read More