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Mind Articles

A woman runs with her arms open towards a sunset.

Intuitive Leaders: 10 Incredible People Who Have Successfully Trusted Their Intuition

Do you follow your heart? Do you trust your intuition and let it guide you? If you answered "No," then the following read is for you. In a world full of doubt, it can be tough to trust your own... Read More
A man at his laptop. He is clutching his head out of stress.

Hustle Culture: Is It Time to Slow Down?

When was the last time you felt truly comfortable allowing yourself to do absolutely nothing? How long has it been since you spent time indulging in your favorite hobby or activity without feeling a pang of guilt about the fact... Read More
A brunette woman laughing while standing in a field of yellow sunflowers.

11 Powerful Mantras for Anxiety

One part of yoga that is an accessible therapeutic tool is the use of mantra. The use of sound to calm the nervous system has been used for thousands of years and this is not just a practice that has... Read More
A person holding their hands in front of their face on a white background. They have red hair and a yellow sweater.

Selfish Thought Patterns: Break Through Unhappiness

"Empathy is one of the keys that unlocks the door to happiness." The above quote highlights how the power of empathy not only increases our awareness of other people's feelings but also helps to lead us on the path to... Read More
A woman on her bed drinking tea and reading a book.

7 Reasons Why Self-Care Is Essential For Your Mental Health

Mental health and self-care go hand-in-hand. Many of us know this, but it doesn't mean we all partake in the proper self-care strategies. The result of ignoring self-care? You end up exhausted, mentally drained, and likely more than a little... Read More
A girl smiling at the camera standing with green palm leafs.

Color Psychology of Green: Growth & Harmony

Close your eyes and think of your favorite trees; imagine their olive leaves glistening in the sun. Think of the morning dew on emerald blades of grass shimmering and dancing in the wind. How do you feel on the inside... Read More
A man standing in the forest looking up at the tall trees surrounding him.

Is Your Anxiety Coming From Your Environment?

Ever been around someone who was super positive and you notice how great you feel in their presence? You feel hopeful and excited about life. Alternatively, when we are around a person with a lot of unconscious emotional strife, we... Read More
A woman sitting on a white couch looking out her window. She is holding a coffee cup.

Why is Mindfulness So Difficult? (& What to Do About It)

"Be mindful, be aware. It'll help you during this pandemic." Does this sound familiar? Probably so, because mindfulness is the "it" word on social media these days. You might finally be convinced of its many benefits. So, you create a... Read More
A person laying down on their bed and holding their face.

Combat Brain Fog With These 12 Tips

Has it felt harder than usual to focus on the tasks or projects before you? Do you ever feel like your mind just isn't quite as sharp as usual? You may be suffering from brain fog. While brain fog is... Read More
A woman partially submerged in the ocean.

Hydrotherapy: Cold Showers, Baths & More

Did you know that your body is made almost entirely of water? Our bodies are comprised of nearly 60% water. That's over half of yourself. That means that at any given time, the one thing that takes up the most space... Read More