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Three female friends are playing in a puddle and laughing.

How to Make Your Own Sunshine During the Winter

With the onset of winter in full swing, many of us are dreaming of sunshine… and perhaps a beach to lie on and a margarita to sip. So why not take every opprtunity to bring as much sunshine into our... Read More
A woman with purple hair stands on a mountain, looking out towards the future.

Back to Mindfulness: A Time-Travel Meditation To Shape Your Future

December 8, 2019 is Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day! In honor of this day, we have created a meditation to help you get in touch with the past, present, and future. If you have been feeling like you're on autopilot... Read More
Two friends eat dinner together with large potions on their plates.

How to Avoid Overeating this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is a special time for many people across the world – festivity, fun, and goodwill are all heavily on the agenda and with it comes good food! Why Do We Overeat? The truth is, we do have a... Read More
Avocado Pasta

Feed Your Body Friday: Creamy Avocado Pasta

In a salad, spread on a slice of multigrain bread or in a creamy dip with chips, you can never get tired of eating avocado. Guess what? You have finally found another excuse to eat it even more often in... Read More
Person holding a sticker that says

World Hello Day: Settling Conflict with Communication

You may have heard the old children's rhyme, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me." Ideally, this rhyme was created to prevent kids from resorting to physical violence when taunted or provoked. What is... Read More
Man standing on a pink background looking over his shoulder with a big smile on his face.

Male Body Positivity: Let’s Talk About It

Happy International Men's Day! I have a proposition, but first, I'll let you know a secret: Men face many of the same issues as women do in relation to body positivity and self-esteem. It's time we talked about them. Yes,... Read More
Bullet journal on a rug.

Begging for BuJo: The Bullet Journal Craze

Imagine the tactile feel of a new journal in your hands, the crisp smell of the silky paper, the feeling of a pen nib dragging across the page. While we live in a digital world, many of us prefer the... Read More
Two women laugh in the rain.

How to Use the Weather to Have Better Control Over Mood Swings

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside - Bam! Emotions. As technology-filled concrete jungles grow throughout the world it begins to feel as if we have also lost our connection with the earth. Many of us are... Read More
Woman is in the fridge for a late night snack looking sad.

Junk Food & Mental Health: What’s the Link?

To someone struggling with mental health issues, it can sometimes feel like there isn't any link with the physical body whatsoever. Either on a conscious or subconscious level, many people believe that the mind is totally separate from the body... Read More
Four friends surf social media while hanging out together in a circle.

The Social Media Threshold: When is it Harmful?

In 2017, the average mobile usage increased to 3.3 hours per day. That's a whopping 23.1 hours per week! I know, right? Just imagine how productive you'd be if those hours went toward other activities instead. In addition to that, 30 or more minutes... Read More