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Young man stands on a grey background in a grey sweater. He looks sad and colorful confetti flies around him.

Let it Out: The Health Benefits of Crying

Cry if you want to! In fact, if you're putting your health first these days, a good cry has various health benefits. If you've got pressure building behind your eyes or you feel slightly on edge lately, a good cry... Read More
Woman sits in an at home spa bath tub covered in lemons.

How to Create a Spa Day in Your Own Home

There's something so relaxing and luxurious about stepping into a spa and allowing yourself the be pampered: the aroma of essential oils roaming the air, the comfort of dewy moisture and soothing music surround you. Treating yourself to a spa... Read More
A woman stands looking at her watch in a busy market, she is wearing a tan trench coat.

The Art of Being Early: Tips for Staying On Time

Being late all the time adds a layer of stress to our life that can take away from our enjoyment of things. We may plan to eat at our favorite restaurant, see our favorite sports team play, or meet up... Read More
A person is folding a bunch of clothes while kneeling on a white carpet. There is one pile of blue jeans and another of blouses.

Declutter Your Life: Out With the Old, in With the New

Clutter! It's something that plagues most of us to some degree and I'm not just talking about an endless mound of clothes that are never worn or jars and bottles in the cupboard that never seem to get eaten. A... Read More
Woman walking down the street. She is touching her face and looking down at her phone. She is wearing white and is walking next to a white car.

How to Know if Online Therapy is Right for You

Therapy isn't taboo anymore! Mental health discussion has taken off, leading to a new desire for better care. We know we need to look after our mental states just as much as our physical bodies. In fact, I almost know... Read More
A woman faces away from the camera while showering. Her hair is filled with soap.

A Shower Meditation to Cleanse Negativity

Can't get a moment to yourself? If you're feeling stressed and want to get some good vibes flowing, what better place to find solitude and set your intention than in the shower? We have come up with a simple meditation... Read More
A woman looks sadly at holiday decorations, she is alone.

Blue Christmas: How to Overcome Holiday Loneliness

For many, Christmas is a special time of year, one where we can celebrate with friends and family and enjoy all the wonderful and exciting things that come with the festive season, whether it is exchanging gifts, enjoying a scrumptious... Read More
Brunette man singing in the shower.

Why You Should Sing in the Shower

Picture this: you're in the shower, covered in suds, and your favorite song comes on the radio. What do you do? If your answer is "listen," you're doing it wrong! The shower is the perfect venue for singing your heart... Read More
Woman whop is wearing white headphones. She is looking towards some green bushes that are the background in this photo.

Feeling Overstimulated? Here are 5 Ways to Cope With Sensory Pollution

Sometimes, it seems like the entire world is exploding in my face. As if this time of year wasn't loud enough already, we have our phones bleating our alarm clocks, calendar reminders, meetings, voicemails, text messages and Instagram updates -... Read More
Three female friends are playing in a puddle and laughing.

How to Make Your Own Sunshine During the Winter

With the onset of winter in full swing, many of us are dreaming of sunshine… and perhaps a beach to lie on and a margarita to sip. So why not take every opprtunity to bring as much sunshine into our... Read More