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Mind Articles

young man in therapist office

Are We Over-Diagnosing Mental Illness?

Mental health issues are quickly reaching heights of epidemic proportions in the modern and western world. While some people blame the emergence of technology or the stress of today's society, there is really no way we can say that life... Read More
two boyfriends in a romance

A Chemical Romance: What Happens to the Brain in Love?

Have you ever wondered what on earth is happening to your brain when you're falling head-over-heels in love with someone? Your brain feels foggy, their scent is intoxicating, you can't focus, you need more of them, you're almost obsessed and... Read More
a handful of nootropics pills

Nootropics - A Beginner’s Guide

Smart drugs. If you haven't heard about them, you're starting right here and right now. New drugs, with all-natural ingredients, are gaining speed in the alternative medicine world. They boast about improving cognitive function. In other words, they could increase... Read More
neon rainbow for colour psychology

Understanding the Rainbow: The Psychology of Colour

The colours of the rainbow provide the rich tones of life, the warm and cool energies that sprinkle our world with creativity and joy. Colours provide more than just aesthetic appeal, however; colours actually affect how our mind perceives the... Read More
woman laughing on april fools day

Medicine of Laughter - Lighten Up on April Fools’

The origins of April Fools' Day are debatable. It may have started as early as the 1400s, deriving from Geoffrey Chaucer's book, The Canterbury Tales. It was the first interpreted association between April 1st and foolishness. Today, it's a means... Read More
woman meditating to find inner happiness

A Meditation to Find Your Inner Happiness

Have you been feeling happy lately? Whatever you answered, there's always more space for joy. Today, we've got an easy, simple meditation for happiness that will help lift your mood and re-fill your energetic reserves. Meditation allows us to create... Read More
person writing a to do list

Self-Care Sunday: Tackle Your To-Do’s

Happy Self-Care Sunday, Daily Life fam! I love my self-care rituals, and I like to think that I am great at self-care. But the self-care that I'm great at isn't always the self-care I actually need. So, here's my (potentially)... Read More
compulsive shopper woman

Compulsive Shopping: How I Stopped Buying Into Fantasy

Lancome stopped selling Juicy Tubes in Canada (Why, Lancome? Why?!) five years ago - but I still have seven. My name is Sarah and I am overcoming a compulsive cosmetics shopping obsession. At one point not long ago, I had... Read More
joyful woman spring cleaning her house

Spring Cleaning - Let’s Spark Joy!

Spring is in the air. The winter weight is lifting. But, maybe some of us still feel a little weighted down by those long winter months. Winter is tough. Unlike summer, some days you just don't leave the house. It's... Read More
self care for starting the week without anxiety

Self-Care Sunday: How to Start the Week Anxiety Free

Sundays can bring on a whole host of emotions. For some people, Sunday can bring on excitement for the new week ahead. For others, anxiety might be the prevalent emotion that arises. You might be thinking about the week ahead... Read More