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Mind Articles

Person meditating.

A Guided Meditation for Crystal Clear Focus

These days, focusing has become a rare skill. In order to learn new skills and collect enough information to grow, we need the ability to focus. Focusing helps us lower stress because our body can relax when it can hone... Read More
Sticky notes on a wall.

Too Much to Do? Overcoming Time Famine

Do you ever feel like there are too many tasks and projects on your plate? Like you simply don't have enough time to tend to every task? Then you may be suffering from time famine. What Is Time Famine? Time... Read More
An encouraging quote surrounded by daisies.

Internal Appreciation: Learning to Love Yourself When You’re Lonely

Have you been feeling lonely lately? The feeling of loneliness can result from the experience of physical or emotional separation from loved ones. Loneliness is something that many of us are facing right now, especially in the current age of... Read More
Someone binge-watching Netflix in their living room.

Binge-Watching: The Healthy Way

You're in the midst of a Netflix binge when the little pop-up pauses your show and asks you, "Are you still watching?" You cringe and check the time. You had intended on watching just one episode but now it's well... Read More
Person typing on their laptop.

How to Improve Your Online Communication

Social distancing has many of us communicating through online means - whether that be text or video chat. While in isolation, I'm sure most of us have been texting or emailing more than normal. It helps us stay in touch... Read More
Woman wearing s yellow sweater holding a yellow sunflower in front of a yellow truck.

Sunshine & Warmth: The Psychology of the Color Yellow

Close your eyes and think of the feeling you get under the warm, glowing sun. Imagine yourself walking through a field of sprawling, golden sunflowers. Think about the emotions that come over you when squeezing a juicy, bright yellow lemon... Read More
A couple talks through their stress during isolation.

Under Pressure: How to Handle Relationship Stress During Isolation

This is a difficult and challenging time for many of us and one of the challenges that we face is being forced to distance ourselves from those we care for. Mothers cannot see their sons, fathers cannot see their daughters,... Read More
Woman is impulse shopping on her laptop with a latte in her hand.

How to Quit Online Impulse Shopping (And What to Do Instead)

Impulse shopping is so easy to fall into when it's 3 am and your credit card is right next to your couch. But, sometimes we have to quit shopping so that we can reduce our expenses and save money instead. Maybe... Read More
A person holds a magnifying lens to a flower.

How to Improve Focus & Minimize Distraction

Are you always distracted? Struggling to focus on the task at hand? Whether you are struggling to focus on your work or can't study or can't seem to just concentrate on whatever task lays in front of you, you aren't... Read More
A woman meditates on a hillside while the sun rises in the distance.

Rise with the Sun: A Pre-Sunrise Meditation

There's a common thread among spiritual traditions which is the practice of meditation at dawn or a pre-sunrise meditation. Many spiritual traditions around the world have long-standing traditions that involve a morning meditation practice. This early morning twilight zone, the... Read More