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Four fall drinks sit on a table - they are surrounded by autumn leaves.

The Best Fall Drink for You, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type

Fall is in the air! Leaves are turning colors, pumpkins are set upon doorsteps, and we're all watching spooky movies on Netflix. One of the best parts about fall is curling up next to the fireplace with a delicious drink.... Read More
A woman standing in her yellow aura staring at the camera.

Breaking Down the Yellow Aura

A yellow aura. You might be wondering what on earth that could be, and most importantly, why you should care about it. An aura is an invisible energy field that is said to surround each person and living thing on... Read More
A person holds a journal in front of a lake.

5 Healing Journal Prompts: Fall Soul Check-In

The transition from summer to fall is one of relief for some and disappointment for others. Under normal circumstances, those eager to get back to work and fixed into their daily routine will welcome the change, while those who wish... Read More
A woman sitting at her laptop while pinching her nose from stress. She has been working from home during the pandemic for almost a year and she is feeling overwhelmed.

5 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout While Working from Home

You probably remember it as if it were yesterday - the notice that as of now, all employees will be working from home. For me, it was an early Friday morning in the middle of March. The news had been... Read More
A black human with short blonde hair hides one eye and peaks out from behind two white flowers.

The Worst Traits Of Each Myers-Briggs Personality, Debunked

When it comes to each Myers Briggs Personality, it's safe to say each has its strengths and flaws, and sometimes, these character traits are rather extreme! But, just like in astrology, not everything you hear about the Meyers-Briggs personalities are... Read More
Two women stand behind a wall of gold streamers poking their heads out and laughing.

The Color Psychology of Gold: Empowering & Luxurious

Close your eyes and imagine you're a room full of gold – glittering gold jewelry, honey-hued lighting, and sparkling golden flakes covering each inch of every surface. How do you feel in this luminous room? Luxurious? Abundant? Wealthy? Successful? There's a... Read More
A man looks in the mirror, he looks sad and disappointed in himself.

Why Toxic Positivity is Harmful for Your Mental Health

When something bad happens, we're often met with many do-gooders and friends encouraging us to look on the good side of life. You know - the "good vibes only" crowd. You lose your job. "It's okay, look at all the... Read More
Someone has written

5 Ways to Practice Daily Gratitude & Why It’s Important

All of us have a memory of a grandparent or guardian figure in our life telling us to 'count your blessings' in some sense of the phrase. And you know what? They were onto something. You've probably heard of this... Read More
A man hugs himself to show his commitment to self-worth.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Low Self-Worth

You are about to embark on a new passion project of yours and an annoying little voice in your head says – "Psst – Listen up, you're not good enough". It haunts you no matter what you do or where you go,... Read More
A woman stands in a hallway by herself looking off in the distance.

How to Break Out of A Chronic Worry Loop

"What'll happen if I lose my job?" "Will I too test COVID positive?" "What if I never get to travel again, like ever again?" Are these a few thoughts that have crossed your mind in recent months? If you said... Read More