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A girl in a green sweatshirt holds up two donuts to her eyes, looking out of them. The donuts have pink icing and sprinkles.

What is Your Guilty Pleasure, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Whether it's watching the latest reality TV show or ordering takeout every Friday night, we've all got guilty pleasures. In fact, according to your personality, you might be more susceptible to a certain Myers-Briggs guilty pleasure. If you haven't already,... Read More
A woman with long brown hair and a striped shirt holds the bars of a fence, appearing to be locked inside the fence.

Your 5-Step Guide to Thriving as an Introvert in an Extroverted World

Are you always the "quiet one" in a social setting? Do you often get asked, "Hey, why, so quiet?" Or, "Is everything alright? You seem terribly quiet." Or maybe even, "Are you always this shy? You are so quiet." On... Read More
A woman stands in a hallway by herself looking off in the distance.

How to Break Out of a Chronic Worry Loop

"What'll happen if I lose my job?" "Will I too test COVID positive?" "What if I never get to travel again, like ever again?" Are these a few thoughts that have crossed your mind in recent months? If you said... Read More
Two figures listen to music from headphones and they are sitting on a couch. They look happy and are vibing to the music.

These 5 Scientifically-Proven Practices Will Instantly Boost Your Mood

So, you want to know how to boost your mood – but you want scientifically supported results? We've got you covered. No matter your self-care routine, no one feels great all the time. It's a simple fact of human nature: In... Read More

The Secret to Becoming More Open-Minded

"Be open-minded." Have you heard this phrase before? Maybe a close friend or your significant other brought it up. And hey, maybe you even know you struggle with this. In a way, this phrase is drilled into us via "woke"... Read More

5 Ways to Incorporate Spiritual Meditation Into Your Day

Whether you call it meditation, mindfulness, prayer, or reflection, we all need to take time to be still and seek answers – one way or another. Interestingly, spiritual meditation is often associated with mindfulness, yoga, or just regular meditation. Yet, there... Read More

Why You Need “Iffirmations”

Have you ever tried to raise your vibrations through the use and practice of positive affirmations, only to find that these golden nuggets of wisdom that do wonders for the rest of the world just don't seem to work on... Read More
A woman lays in the grass with flowers in her hair.

The 7-Day Soul Reset

Have you ever wondered why all great movies and stories contain conflict? Because perfect is boring, and that's why life is complicated. It isn't always easy, but those challenging moments are what help us to grow and evolve. But sometimes,... Read More

Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

We’re asking: Should you masturbate for self-care? But wait - hold up - is masturbation even self-care? Let's talk about it. You might masturbate to release some pent-up sexual tension, but have you ever used it to get to... Read More

What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

If you're new to the world of auras – fields of energy that surround the body, typically invisible to the naked eye – then you may find it surprising to discover that our auras can come in myriad different colors and shades. ... Read More