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A woman in her home stretches
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5 Important Stretches For More Energy

Maybe you're hitting a brick wall today. You didn't get enough sleep, or you're feeling completely unmotivated. Or perhaps that mid-afternoon crash is starting to set in. You require a pick-me-up, but you've already perhaps had your fair share of... Read More
A woman in warrior 1 pose at the beach.

The Benefits of Warrior I Pose

Warrior I pose is one of the first poses you will encounter in yoga class, and it's a great pose to continue to work on for years. This is because there are so many layers of awareness you can continue... Read More
Cheddar and potato perogies in a bowl with sour cream on top.

How to Make Savory & Sweet Homemade Pierogi

Did you know that pierogi are close cousins of ravioli? Cooked in boiling water and often browned in a pan, they are eaten in savory versions (stuffed with cheese, mashed potatoes, mushrooms, and more!) and sweet versions filled with dried... Read More
A man eating while working on his computer.

Are You Stress Eating?

Did you know our ancestors would eat as much as they could during a crisis because of the lack of food security? They endured some very psychologically stressful times: famines, diseases, harsh weather conditions, and hungry predators, from whom they... Read More
A woman is doing weight training under red hand weights.

How to Weight Train: Understanding Progressive Overload

So you want to get stronger and toned. Or perhaps you want to combat the natural decline of muscle mass as the human body ages. You know you need to start (or get into) resistance training, but you don't know... Read More
Someone doing yin yoga.

A Yin Yoga Flow for Ultimate Relaxation

Our fast-paced lifestyles (and often high-pressure jobs) keep our bodies in a state of fight-or-flight for extended periods of time. Most of our lives are structured to reward adrenaline producing activities, creating a flood of acidic hormones such as cortisol... Read More
A thin crust pizza on a wooden serving tray.

How to Make Thin-Crust Italian-Style Pizza

Have you been craving some delicious pizza from your local pizza joint but can't justify splurging on ordering in right now? Do you want a fun activity to do with the family or your roommate that involves getting messy and... Read More
A woman is standing on some rocks next to the ocean doing a tree yoga pose.

How to Balance Your Chakras Using Yoga

Have you been feeling a bit more sluggish than usual, like you can't seem to get energized? Or maybe your confidence hasn't quite been what it usually is, and it's been more challenging for you to put yourself out there. ... Read More
A woman is on her yoga mat at home doing a plank in order to strengthen her core.

The 5 Best Exercises for Your Abs (& They Aren’t What You Think)

When it comes to fitness, it's easy to get caught up in aesthetics. We see pictures of men and women with flat tummies and six-pack abs. So, we quickly assume that's how we're supposed to be. We read all the... Read More
A person pours essential oils into a stone diffuser.

8 Essential Oils Perfect for Anxiety

During times of stress, one of the best things we can do is pay attention to our physical body's needs. Stress exists in the mind, but it is an array of factors outside of the mind that also contribute to... Read More