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yo yo toy a fork and measuring tape

Yo-Yo Dieting: The Science Behind Why It Never Works

You're trying to put your health first. You want to lose weight. Your doctor says it's better for you. You know it's better for you. But you're caught in a vicious cycle. You try diet after diet. Yet, it's never... Read More
man running up stairs for healthy habits

How to Take the First Steps Towards Healthier Habits

It's probably fair to say that we would all like to display healthier, more productive habits in our daily lives. But between work, kids, romance, cleaning, cooking, more work, personal hygiene, exercise, and trying to find time to relax, who... Read More
different types of teas for chakras

7 Teas to Balance Your Chakras

Many people don't think about optimizing their energy or emotions using tea but it's a very easy way to increase the types of things you want in life or decrease the things you don't want. You can address anger, fatigue,... Read More
vegan energy bites

Feed Your Body Friday: Crunchy Vegan Energy Bites

Here's a healthy recipe: no-cook crunchy, vegan energy balls with dates and nuts that are absolutely delicious! These are very easy and fast vegan energy balls that I often prepare at home for my family. These bites are ideal to... Read More
emotional woman looking in fridge for food

Emotional Eating: Why You Do It & How To Stop

You've had a rough day. Or maybe you recently went through a particularly turbulent break-up. The ice cream tub has become your best friend. Maybe you always find yourself turning to food for comfort. It helps you cope with stress,... Read More
two woman posing for body positivity

5 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

A normal experience a woman or man encounters is a conversation about their own body image or a discussion about someone else's. It comes up all too often in social situations. People spend money trying to alter their shape and... Read More
tofu tacos

Feed Your Body Friday: Tofu Tacos

Tacos cater flawlessly to a wide variety of tastes, making them a perfect option for any meal, any night of the week, for any occasion! There are also a thousand different ways to prepare tacos, which is why I like... Read More
woman doing warrior yoga pose

A Restorative Yoga Flow for Healing

The practice of restorative yoga has become a favorite among all ages for its stress-reduction benefits as well as its ability to reduce muscle soreness and aid in flexibility. When it comes to the mind-body connection, our fast-paced lifestyle in... Read More

Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Bento Box Lunches

Goodbye plastic bags and hello bento box! For some time now we've been seeing bento boxes everywhere! These pretty little boxes are super convenient - and they allow us to pack our favorite foods without mixing our tastes. With an... Read More
homemade trail mix

Feed Your Body Friday: Homemade Trail Mix

Trail mixes aren't just for hikers! On busy days, finding time to stop and have a snack can be strangely difficult. How many of you have gone through an entire day before you realized you hadn't eaten yet? To be... Read More