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A Yoga Flow to Perform in Nature

If you've heard of the recent trend, "Forest Bathing," you'll know all about the healing and nurturing benefits of nature. And taking your yoga practice outside can have similar advantages. An outdoor yoga flow allows you to immerse yourself in... Read More
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15 Ways You Can Conserve Energy & Feel Good About It!

There's no denying it: our activities on the planet are making major environmental changes – and most of them aren't all too great for ourselves or the rest of the world. We are further at risk of depleting our resources, forcing... Read More

5 Nighttime Habits That Actually Help You Live Longer

For a long time, the top scientists of the world have been trying to nail down immortality. While becoming immortal is still quite out of reach, increasing your longevity is entirely up for grabs – based on what you do and... Read More
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A Yoga Flow for Empaths

An empath has the incredible ability to tune into others' feelings and emotions. Yet, this gift also comes with a great burden. At times, you may feel overwhelmed. And you might struggle to live in the present and balance all... Read More
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25 Ways to Fight Boredom Right Now

Are you on the hunt for things to do when you're bored? With everything going on in the world right now, it's probably been at least a few months since any of us have been able to do some of... Read More
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7 Quick Exercises for Better Posture

Bad posture is slowly becoming an epidemic across Western society. Some might claim this statement extreme. Yet, 40% of us spend the workday sitting! Not to mention We hunch forward, protruding our neck toward our computer screens. Perhaps you are doing... Read More
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You Have to Try This Mouthwatering Vegetable Tagine

Fresh vegetables stewed with spices – it doesn't take much more for this delicious, hearty dish you'll be sure to love, too. This tagine recipe will make entering the Fall season smoother with the abundance of Fall vegetables that you can... Read More

Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

We’re asking: Should you masturbate for self-care? But wait - hold up - is masturbation even self-care? Let's talk about it. You might masturbate to release some pent-up sexual tension, but have you ever used it to get to... Read More
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How to Make Perfect Breakfast Stuffed Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are one of the hottest breakfast items these days. Everyone loves posting those Pinterest-worthy photos of delectable waffles on their social media status, often with sweet syrup or jam. Today, we want to take this waffles recipe to... Read More
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8 Reasons to Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine After a Long Day

You've had a long day. Maybe your boss was on your case all day. Or it's been a lot of life stuff. Or maybe the accumulated effects of 2020 have finally taken their toll… For the first time, you've finally got... Read More