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Body Articles

A loaf of sourdough bread on a wooden cutting board.

How to Perfect Homemade Sourdough Bread

Intimidated by homemade bread? Don't be! We are here with the ultimate bread recipe that you can make at home. Tangy, soft and sweet, Homemade Sourdough bread is the best go-to recipe for your bread cravings. This is the perfect... Read More
A man hugs himself to show his commitment to self-worth.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Low Self-Worth

You are about to embark on a new passion project of yours and an annoying little voice in your head says – "Psst – Listen up, you're not good enough". It haunts you no matter what you do or where you go,... Read More
Nuts and seeds in wooden bowls on a white counter.

Are Nuts & Seeds Really That Good for You?

Eating nuts and seeds as part of our diet has been toted as a healthy alternative to snack foods and a great way to get the nutrients we need in a day, especially if we are aiming to lower our... Read More
A person on the floor stretching their left leg in the air. They are laying on a purple yoga mat in the middle of their living room.

What Kind of Exercise is Essential for a Healthy Body?

Arguably, the health and fitness industry is over-saturated with workout programs, exercise routines, weight loss programs, exercise challenges, and more. It’s not too difficult to find types of exercise you enjoy and ones that can help you achieve a... Read More
Apple strudel muffins sitting on a white marble counter in front of a muffin tray.

Autumn Approved Apple Strudel Muffins You Need To Bake

Whether it's breakfast or you're craving for something sweet with your afternoon tea, these muffins are about to steal your heart. These apple strudel muffins are the perfect treat for fall! Strudel is traditionally a layered pastry that comes from... Read More
A woman in a grey sweater is holding bottles of wellness products in a fall setting.

The 5 Wellness Products You Need for Fall

As the seasons start to change, we also start to use our time differently! We shift our diets to accommodate for temperature changes, the world around us changes, and even our skin starts to respond to the weather. Whether the... Read More
A person doing a yoga backbend on a dock. She is working at improving her skills.

Mastering the Backbend: Free Your Spine

You might have heard of the life-changing effects of breathing exercises and maybe you've even dabbled in a little breath of fire. Have you heard about the super-charging life-hack of back bending? First, let's get these two misconceptions about backbends... Read More
A burrito bowl in a glass meal prep Tupperware and in a serving bowl next to it.

How to Make Easy Chicken Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are known for their savory flavors and filling satisfaction. The citrusy tang of lemon, the richness of the cheese, along with the subtle touch of taco seasoning make the perfect combination. With the chicken, beans, and rice added,... Read More
A savory stuffed Belgian waffle.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Stuffed Belgian Waffles

Belgian waffles are one of the hottest breakfast items these days. Everyone loves posting those Pinterest-worthy photos of delectable waffles on their social media status - and often with sweet syrup or jam. Today, we want to take the waffles... Read More
A woman stands in front of a mirror looking at her body.

How to Love Your Body Right Now

Yes, you read the title correctly – how to love your body right now. We're not referring to loving a version of you that doesn't exist yet. Not you tomorrow when you've had 24 hours to get rid of the bloating, not... Read More