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Girl faces backwards showing off her long blonde hair.

Winter Hair, Don’t Care: The Ultimate 5-Step Winter Hair Care Routine

Suffering from dry, brittle hair during the winter is not uncommon. Temperatures drop, and so does your hairs' ability to stay hydrated! It can be frustrating to try and find ways to keep your hair looking alive and well. If... Read More
benefits of cold weather on the body

The Cold & Your Body: Are There Benefits?

Winter is upon us. And in most places, so is the cold weather. But guess what? It's not all bad. As much as you might hate the frigid cold air, it has many surprising health benefits. Yet, this does not... Read More
Two friends lay in the grass next to some yellow flowers with their eyes closed.

Does Oversleeping Make You Tired?

You're probably burnt out on all the articles regarding sleep hacks and sleep health. We know it's good for us. We get it. We're going to try harder. We'll start doing all those sleep hacks and begin including a few... Read More
Woman sits in an at home spa bath tub covered in lemons.

How to Create a Spa Day in Your Own Home

There's something so relaxing and luxurious about stepping into a spa and allowing yourself the be pampered: the aroma of essential oils roaming the air, the comfort of dewy moisture and soothing music surround you. Treating yourself to a spa... Read More
Woman standing in a hemp field holding a mirror in front of her face.

The Benefits of Hemp Products You Should Know

Let me start by stating that hemp is not the same thing as marijuana! I say this because Hemp has received a pretty bad rep in modern times and this is due to its association with cannabis and general confusion... Read More
Coconuts and palm leaves on a teal background.

7 Ways to Improve Your Life with Coconut Oil

Ah, coconut oil - what's not to love? It's great for baking, providing a healthier alternative to vegetable and olive oils. But it's not only about baking. It's also got benefits when it comes to your body, beauty, and hair... Read More
A line up of different herb bundles on a white background.

Herbal Refreshment: 20 Healing Herbs You Need in Your Life

Mother Nature provides us with so many healing, metaphysical tools that occur naturally, like crystals, the healing power of the elements, and the restorative, magical characteristics of herbs. Herbs grow naturally, yet each herb that exists seems almost to have... Read More
Sweet potato Chicken paleo sandwich recipe.

Feed Your Body Friday: Sweet Potato & Chicken Paleo Sandwich

This recipe follows the principle of the paleo diet, with unprocessed products and a surprising result included! These chicken sandwich use grilled sweet potatoes as buns instead of bread, their crispy outside and moist center texture is to die for. ... Read More
Woman doing yoga in front of a pink and orange sunset.

Holiday Detox: A Yoga Flow to Get Back in Your Groove

The new year is upon us and we are embarking on a new decade. New years resolutions are set and we are off to the races but might be feeling a bit groggy from all the holiday fun and food. ... Read More
Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato Couscous.

Feed Your Body Friday: Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta Couscous

Need a new idea for meal prep this week? Why not try couscous? I love couscous because it's so versatile. It can be served as a main meal, as an side dish or as a salad. In addition it's super... Read More