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Two friends eat dinner together with large potions on their plates.

How to Avoid Overeating this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is a special time for many people across the world – festivity, fun, and goodwill are all heavily on the agenda and with it comes good food! Why Do We Overeat? The truth is, we do have a... Read More
Woman doing her skincare routine in front of a mirror with a towel in her hair.

7 Ways to Protect Your Skin this Winter

Got dry skin? Do you find the cold wreaks havoc on your complexion? You aren't alone! This winter, you can put your skin health first and pro-actively look for ways to limit the winter's harsh winds and cold. After all,... Read More
A woman is standing in the snow with a black leather backpack on. She is wearing all black and is facing away from the camera so that the backpack is the focus.

Is Carrying Your Bag Ruining Your Posture?

A purse or bag is undeniably a fashion accessory; all of these are also a convenient place to put everything you need outside of the house. These are often filled with your wallet, phone, sunglasses, makeup, laptop, and more. Hello... Read More
A man creates latte art at a local coffee shop.

Small Business Saturday: The Benefits of Supporting Local

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the U.S., many of us are spending lots of money online in order to savour week of deals. But there is another important, inspirational holiday that is far less well-known to take note... Read More
Red velvet cupcakes.

Feed Your Body Friday: Healthy Red Velvet Cupcakes

We often shy away from sweet treats like red velvet because it is full of dyes and sugar that we don't necessarily need in our diets, but that's about to change! This recipe will allow you to have a red... Read More
Woman running down a road in the middle of a beautiful lush green Forrest.

Are You Over Exercising? How to Recognize Adrenaline Addiction

You know what the gyms and fitness trainers won't tell you because they themselves probably don't know? There is a such thing as exercise addition caused by overexercising. Overexercising can lead to a symptom of withdrawal called anhedonia which makes... Read More
Woman sitting in meditation in front of a beautiful sunset.

Flow Through Your Flow: A Yoga Practice for Painful Periods

When it's your time of the month it is crucial to let yourself slow down to take care of yourself with even more loving-kindness. It's time to start listening to your body instead of trying to 'power through' the pain... Read More
Blonde woman standing alone on a hill in front of a beautiful scene and a bright sun.

All My Friends Had Kids & I Didn’t

I've always known I didn't want to be a parent - I grew up the eldest grandchild on both sides of my family, so I have a long and rich history with every stage of children. While babysitting my dorky... Read More
Avocado Pasta

Feed Your Body Friday: Creamy Avocado Pasta

In a salad, spread on a slice of multigrain bread or in a creamy dip with chips, you can never get tired of eating avocado. Guess what? You have finally found another excuse to eat it even more often in... Read More
Man standing on a pink background looking over his shoulder with a big smile on his face.

Male Body Positivity: Let’s Talk About It

Happy International Men's Day! I have a proposition, but first, I'll let you know a secret: Men face many of the same issues as women do in relation to body positivity and self-esteem. It's time we talked about them. Yes,... Read More