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two people celebrating their thirtieth birthday with gold foil balloons.

Emotional Changes In Your 30’s: What To Expect

What is it like to be in your thirties? Well, we have the wisdom we've gleaned from our twenties but now we face the added pressure to be successful in our careers, love lives, and everything else in between. Today... Read More
three kinds of overnight oatmeal

Feed Your Body Friday: Overnight Oatmeal 3 Ways

Morning in a hurry? No time to make breakfast? Overnight oatmeal is perfect for you! In addition to saving you time in the morning, it will keep you full for a long time and provide you with good nutrients. Also,... Read More
woman with hands on hips in powerful pose

Powerful Poses: The Secret to Confident Body Language

Our bodies speak almost as much as our we do, and we may not even be fully aware of the extent that our body language affects our overall demeanor, as well as how others perceive us. Body language is the ... Read More
man walking through city doing walking meditation

Introduction to Walking Meditation

If you are one of those people who feels like they can't sit and meditate, walking meditation may be just the thing for you. There's no wrong way to do it because walking is good for you but we do... Read More
soup recipes for fall

Feed Your Body Friday: 3 Fall Soup Recipes

Comforting and satiating, there's nothing like a consistent and hearty soup to keep us warm in the fall. Whether you prefer soup for lunch, dinner, or accompanied by a good slice of country bread as a starter, soups are the... Read More
woman jogging consistently

Consistency: Your Way to the Body You Want

Consistency: the quality of always behaving in the same way or of having the same opinions, standard, etc.; the quality of being consistent. Interestingly, Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, wears the same jeans every day. I'm not kidding. Mark... Read More
woman with strong mind body connection

Strengthening Your Mind-Body Connection

Ever notice how you feel more mentally clear after physical activity? Or you feel physically better when your mental state is calm and collected? The two are interlinked. When you strengthen one, you also strengthen the other. You'd be hard-pressed... Read More
woman winding down before bed for better sleep

5 Wind-Down Techniques for a Good Night’s Sleep

Anyone who has struggled with the perils of insomnia will know only too well the grave consequences that can come from not getting enough sleep. And it's not just insomniacs who suffer; studies show that 1 in 3 adults don't get enough... Read More
women in yoga class stretching hips

5 Simple Stretches to Reduce Hip Pain

Sitting is something that most of us do a lot of and yet we often majorly discount how much that position takes a toll on our body. If you start to incorporate hip stretches into your daily fitness routine, you'll... Read More
mug of pumpkin spice coffee with whip cream

Feed Your Body Friday: National Coffee Day Recipes

Since today is National Coffee Day, we're sharing 3 awesome and simple recipes, all starring coffee! Coffee does not have a reputation for being particularly healthy, like tea. However, it has undeniable beneficial effects if you don't abuse it or over-saturate... Read More