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Why Relaxation is Necessary for Soul Connection

Do you ever feel like you can’t slow down? Do you wonder what the point of slowing down even is? Maybe you don’t feel tired. But when was the last time you really checked in with yourself?

In your busy, day-to-day life, your brainwaves are in a state known as beta. However, in order to meditate, you need to be in that mental state that you’re in right before you fall asleep, which is referred to as delta. Without getting overly technical, the tall and the skinny is that one of the most valuable things you can add to your life is relaxation.

When you’re able to relax and sink into meditation, you’ll reach altered states of consciousness where you can receive creative ideas, information that will help you make the best decisions for you, and even information about the future. Each morning that I take time to sit down, clear my mind, and relax my body, I am allowing that information to show up instead of wracking my brain trying to figure something out.

If you’re like me, you’ll be motivated by knowing what you stand to gain by relaxing and meditating deeply.

Relaxation Gives Your Soul Access to Your Spiritual Guides

When I started meditating deeply, my creativity skyrocketed. I found I suddenly had ideas for books, new career paths, and ways of seeing life that were focused on helping humanity. I received all of this information from spirit guides that I didn’t know existed and couldn’t have known otherwise. When I started receiving information in meditation, I realized there was much to life than I once knew.

Getting into a relaxed state with the help of incense, candles, music, and even crystals has a tremendous effect on the body and brain. Breathing evenly and deeply over a sustained period of time helps tell your body to go to that relaxed state. Over time, your brain will get used to the sounds of the music and scents and it will trigger you to go back to that state of relaxation more quickly.

High vibration guides can contact you when you’re in a higher emotional vibration state. The good news is that you can create that high vibration state by relaxing into soul connection. When you set your intention to meet your soul in meditation and to be guided for the highest good, it’s like opening up a chat with the saints and sages that walk the Earth (or other spiritual realms) because their frequency is also very high vibration.

Your soul and your guides have helpful information about your soul’s purpose, what you came here to learn, and what you can do to that will evolve your soul spiritually as well as help the world. Which leads us to the next major, mega, humongous, awesome reason to relax and find a meditative state of mind regularly.

Your Soul Is Where Healing Takes Place

When we relax, we can perceive our soul, the part of us that knows what needs to be healed in this lifetime from our past or from our ancestral karma. If we are holding an energy that is blocking us from perceiving happiness, the soul can guide us while in a relaxed state to release the memories and bad energy that are creating negative thought patterns. That is how the deep-seated traumas of our childhood are released. And, that level of healing can prevent sickness and energy blocks that turn into disease.

Practice relaxing anywhere at any time by taking deep breaths and focusing on listening to your gut (also known as your intuition) without expectation for how to best handle the situation. As you become calm, you can perceive from a more loving place instead of an ego-based place.

Concluding Thoughts…

Relaxing doesn’t have to be limited to meditation in a special spot every day for half an hour. It’s actually great to practice relaxing and activating your parasympathetic nervous system throughout the day. This, in turn, activates the creative side of the brain, allowing us to stop computing and start letting ideas flow. It activates our intuition about our environment, decisions we’re facing, and the people we love. It’s how we access that knowledge beyond words. Actively practicing relaxing trains your brain to access intuition naturally and regularly so your life can be guided not by society but by your soul and heart.

In order to evolve spiritually and find happiness, meditation is necessary. But you can’t meditate without relaxing. Practice relaxing and you’ll find meditation becomes much easier! You can access higher knowledge and heal yourself if you take time to relax and be with yourself. When you perceive with your third eye, you cease to need people, things, or accomplishments to be happy and you see that you can affect reality by setting your intention and visualizing what you want. Manifesting also requires the ability to relax!

It’s hard to find time for relaxation, but we want to encourage you to make it a priority for your mental wellbeing and the health of your soul. How do you practicing relaxing in your daily life?

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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