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Top 5 Roadtrips You Need To Take This Fall

Fall in love with fall - literally. If you didn’t get enough vacation time during the summer, the fall is the perfect time!

The colours and the change in temperature make for the ideal road trip. It’s your last chance before winter takes over. And your last chance before driving gets rough in some parts - nothing like a wicked blizzard to keep you snowed in.

Take advantage now. Start planning and then start seeing. Here are the top 5 road trips you need to take this fall!

1. The Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail is located in the eastern Canadian maritime province of Nova Scotia. If you haven’t had a chance to do the drive yet, it’s well worth it.

And it isn’t just a great spot to plan your next road trip. It’s a great spot to hike, bike, chill out on some beautiful beaches, whale watch, and much more! Find a scenic viewpoint for an afternoon picnic. Go whale watching in Cheticamp or Pleasant Bay. Or simply find your inspiration for the day by taking in the breathtaking views and scenery as you drive.

One of the most recommended roadside stops includes The Clucking Hen, a super cute roadside cafe and bakery. From warm baked goods and coffee to lobster sandwiches and seafood chowder, you won’t want to miss it.

The Cabot Trail is also right on Cape Breton Island - and yup, it’s an island, connected by a man-made causeway. Feed your soul with a little adventure and exploration. The fall offers the best time to go - less people and more colours to see!

2. The Sea to Sky Highway

We are jumping over to the west coast - more specifically, BC Highway 99. This well-known drive from Vancouver to Whistler is beyond breathtaking. Begin at sea level and make your way into the mountains - and to heights unknown!

This road trip you can easily do in less than a day. If you live near the Vancouver/Whistler area or happen to be visiting, plan a day drive. Or if you want something a little longer, find a place to stay near the town of Squamish. There are world-famous biking and hiking trails in the area, so why not take in some fresh air and gain a little movement?

You’ll see snow-capped peaks, waterfalls, canyons, and more! Take in the spectacular views this world has to offer. And try to plan it for a clearer day - rain in the mountains means fog and only near-sighted views. You’ll want a sunny day for this one so you can see all the fall colours and every mountain peak you pass.

3. The Pacific Coast Highway

Let’s make our way down into the United States - The Pacific Coast Highway. It’s the dream drive that everyone talks about. The big bucket list item. But why not quit your talking and actually go for it? The fall offers milder weather - meaning you won’t roast in the heat on that warmer California coast (or at least, not that badly)!

Hey, go all out - live the dream. Rent that convertible. Start in California and make your way north. Take in a small slice of the American Dream. The scenery is awe-inspiring. The drive offers cliffs, beaches, narrow and winding roads, and one heck of a road trip! You won’t forget this one anytime soon.

Let the waves take away any negativity or troubles you’ve experienced in the past year. Let the wind and sun touch your skin and seep into your soul. Get into that California spirit and just go for it! Grab your S.O., a few close friends, or your best bud and plan this once-in-a-lifetime adventure for the soul. Plan for at least a week or 2 so you can check out all the sights and really take time to relax and reset.

4. Route 66

The historic Route 66 runs from Chicago and ends in California. Again, the weather this time of year is perfect for a road trip. It’s not crazy hot like during the summer months, but still warm enough to feel like summer. Route 66 is considered one of the main highways running from west-east and east-west through the mid and southern states.

This one is also a little longer and would require at least 2 weeks to do the full drive (plus, see all there is to see!). You might even want to spend time in Arizona - a desert state with a warmer climate and one-of-a-kind hikes and views. You may also want to rent an RV or van to camp out in and keep your budget down.

You’ll travel through all kinds of terrain. If you have never travelled in the USA, this is the way to do it (especially if you’re an American at heart and have never actually seen your own country). This road trip offers variety and soul-searching moments that everyone and anyone can enjoy. Find your inspiration for the day along the road and take in the states and all it has to offer!

5. The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs up the USA on the eastern side. You’ll get to see the Appalachian Mountains in all their glory. Start more south in the Smoky Mountains and make your way up North. Again, the fall colours are breathtaking. With rolling hills and high views, your heart and soul will feel full.

Take in the high-points of the Appalachian Trail - where many climb and hike to challenge themselves and find their purpose. Camp out in the Highlands region. Or better yet, rent a cozy mountain cabin for the night. Watch the sunset and rise over the spectacular scenery around you. You won’t have to look far for inspiration for the day - or maybe even for the rest of the year.

Hit the Road!

Grab your map - or er, GPS - and choose from any of the above 5 road trips. A break away is sometimes exactly what your soul needs - whether it’s for the day or a couple of weeks. Explore new terrain and recharge. Take to that open road and remember, enjoy the journey!

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