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6 Simple Mantras for Getting Through Grief

Grief is one of the most devastating human experiences we can go through.

Death, loss, separation, betrayal…the list goes on. Anything that represents the “darker” side of life and triggers a host of painful emotions inside us is something we must all go through, and yet many of us wish not to.

Unfortunately, grief is a part of life, and we cannot stop it from happening, for as long as we are capable of love, we are capable of grief.

While we cannot stop the flow and ebb of grief, we can use strategies to heal and move past our pain. One such way of doing so is the use of mantras.

How to Use Mantras for Grief

Mantras can be repeated for as few as three times up to thousands of times. You can also go with your feelings and what feels right to you. Repeat them however long it feels right to do so.

  • Start by holding your hands up with your elbows at your sides with palms facing up and your fingers together.
  • Your hands should point away from you at a diagonal.
  • As you do this, sit cross-legged with a straight spine and imagine healing energy falling into your palms.
  • Breathe deeply when you take your air in before saying/singing the mantra.

Do this or at least listen to it for 40 days and see how it starts to shift the energy inside of you.

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6 Simple Mantras for Getting Through Grief

1. “Ra ma da sa sa se so hung.”

This is an eight-syllable Sanskrit mantra that many yogis recite to heal themselves or others. The intention behind reciting it is to bring healing energy into the body from the universe or to project it into someone else.

2. “Om mani padme hung.”

Pronounced, “om mani peme hung,” this is a Sanskrit mantra that purifies negative emotions. This is the Buddha of Compassion mantra, which cleanses the soul from negative energy.

3. “Om ami dewa hrih.”

This Sanskrit mantra is for your loved one who has crossed over or been separated from you. It is the mantra of the Buddha of Limitless Light. This is a mantra to pray that your loved one is born in a realm of pure light.

This mantra will help you focus on the love you have instead of the loss you feel. The feeling of loss cannot be discarded or removed from us, but it can be soothed and healed by focusing on the love in our hearts.

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5. “The grief I feel is an opportunity for growth.”

This is an English mantra for powerful transformation.

The ability to transform negative emotions into positive ones is a part of life that we must all learn at some point. When we view our suffering as an opportunity for growth, we can level up on a soul basis.

6. “I live in the present to heal my past.”

This is an English mantra for moving on and healing a wounded heart. Being stuck in the past means we can block ourselves from experiencing true healing. This mantra enables us to let go so we can be free to begin the healing process.

Focus on Your Healing

Set some time aside for yourself to focus on your healing, whether it’s 15 minutes in the morning or before you go to bed, meditating, and breathing deeply while verbally or mentally speaking.

These mantras will help you in your healing process.

Focus on deep breathing while using these mantras as taking time for this practice can decrease stress, increase energy, and trigger endorphins (which can reduce pain and improve your mood).

We recommend using one (or all) of these mantras once a day to help heal your soul and inspire warmth within. These techniques are designed to be used for 66 days minimum because it can take that long to create new neural pathways in the brain.

Grief mantras may not be able to remove the grief entirely. But they can help us deal with the suffering we are going through.

Suffering is a part of life; it leads to wisdom, leading to compassion, making the world go round. When you find grief overwhelming, come back to these mantras as they will assist you on this difficult journey towards the light.

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