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Mini Meditation with Patti - The Magic of the Moment

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.” - Mark Black

Relaxing the body is the doorway to resting the mind.

When we relax the body, we allow an innate energy to support us. When we let go and allow this universal energy to move through our lives, we begin the art of surrendering or leaning into what is.

Surrendering to what is and allowing the experience is one of the greatest tools we have to affirm that we are trusting in the divine flow of the universe. When we trust in the process of our lives and have faith and confidence that life favours and supports us we give ourselves the greatest gifts: peace of mind and liberation from suffering.

Mini Meditation: The Magic of the Moment

I use this meditation when life throws me a curveball. These curveballs can sometimes take us off our center and the feeling of being grounded and connected to this divine intelligence. This meditation will give you the sense of reconnecting to the moment, and when you can breathe with the awareness of being connected, you have the power to take your thoughts from the past or future and connect to the present moment.

This moment is the “power moment.” Being relaxed gives us the ability to open the doorway to the mind. When we are able to step back and observe our minds in the role of a witness, we begin to see where our limiting thoughts and beliefs arise. We are able to strengthen the mind/body connection giving rise to soul, an unconditionally loving presence that nourishes and sustains us throughout our daily life.

Eckart Tolle, one of the greatest mystics and spiritual teachers of all time, refers to this as the power of now. When we connect here, we elevate our vibrational field (known as the aura), and we immediately begin to feel a sense of dissolving into acceptance of what is arising in our lives to allow a powerful new energy to meet us.

Human beings’ energy works through the process of osmosis; thus, those in our direct field can be affected and vice versa. Think of a pint of fresh farmer’s market strawberries. If there is just one over-ripe strawberry that begins to rot, in just a short amount of time, the other berries will begin to rot as well.

Why not take the responsibility to ensure your energy field is strong? This is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and all others with whom you come into contact.

When we include meditation, even for 5 minutes a day, into our daily routines, we birth an essential part of who we are into our day. Over time, this essence will mature into an energy that overrides fear, lack, and scarcity, and in turn, delivers us into an abundant, more balanced life; a life that turns our light on, minimizing those dark places.

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Patti Tucker

Patti Tucker

A visionary, Patti Tucker took a definitive leap of faith and resigned from a high profile job as Film Commissioner to accept an invitation from her Soul. This life defining moment occurred soon after the completion of a 3-year program with Master Shaman Zsho-Ten from the Algonquin First Nation in... Read More

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