[VIDEO] A Guided Meditation to Relieve Stress & Tension

Here is a meditation to help relieve stress and tension in your day by inviting a gentleness of spirit in.

Take a deep breathe and feel as if you’re in a huge, empty white space. Feel a soft and gentle color float in on a gentle breeze. Sense it fill your body, and melt your tension.

Sense this calm energy is within you because you can conceive it, and choose to focus on this color when you want to find a state of peace and offer better energy to those around you.

More on Guided Meditations

It’s natural to experience stress throughout your day, week, or month. The important thing is to address this stress before it becomes unhealthy. Meditation is a beautiful practice that can help you unwind, and help you tackle your stress.

If you’re struggling with meditation, don’t panic. It can be hard if you are just trying it for the first time!

Multiple thoughts might be running through your head as you try and sit in silence. This is why guided meditations are the perfect stepping stone for you, if you are new to meditation.

Simply play the above video, and focus on the words being said. Here are some more tips for your guided meditation practice:

  • Sit with your legs crossed, and eyes closed.
  • Ensure there is no outside noise during your meditation.
  • Light a candle, or rub some peppermint oil on your temples.

Here are some more resources on guided meditations:

Start each day with a daily guided meditation that will help soothe your soul, calm your mind, and guide your day with intention.

The DL Editorial Team

The DL Editorial Team

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