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10 Mantras for Following Your Intuition


It’s one of life’s biggest gifts, and it can even act as your own personal superpower if you learn how to work with and amplify that gut feeling inside. There’s something magical about the natural, instinctual feelings and responses that can guide us toward the right path in life but learning to listen to that intuition can seem overwhelming.

When you begin working on connecting to that intuitive center within, you may feel like you don’t know where to begin, which is why we’re here today to share 10 mantras that you can practice daily to help develop and connect to intuition more deeply.

If you want powerful intuition that helps guide you through life, keep reading to learn and practice these mantras!

What Are Mantras?

You may be wondering how a mantra can help you achieve a stronger connection to your intuition – or maybe you’re wondering what a mantra is.

Mantras are sounds, words, or phrases that are repeated that are traditionally used to aid in meditation. However, mantras can be used throughout the day to realign yourself and bring your energy back to center as well.

These days, mantras and affirmations are used interchangeably, meaning that the mantras we reference in this article are essentially in line with affirmations that help you set your intentions throughout the day.

In fact, mantras can be made even more powerful when coupled with your own energy and intentions. When you choose to use certain mantras, you’re infusing your spirit with the energy of that mantra, raising your vibrations to meet that of the phrase you’re using.

When you intend to connect to your intuition and seal that intention with the power of mantras, you’ll begin to notice a deeper connection to those gut feelings almost immediately.

10 Mantras for Following Your Intuition

While we’ll go over ten mantras here that can help you connect to and enhance your intuition, you can also modify these mantras to suit your own needs and desires.

1. “I listen to my inner voice.”

One of the key components to exploring your intuition is learning to listen to it.

Gut feelings are often confused with anxiety, and you may try to suppress certain intuitive feelings based on not wanting to overreact or misunderstand a situation. However, your intuition is constantly speaking to you – this mantra will encourage you to listen.

2. “Intuition is not anxiety.”

Learning to differentiate between anxiety and intuition is key to trusting your gut feelings. And while certain situations may bring more anxiety than an instinctual feeling, there are distinct differences that you can easily sense.

For instance, anxiety tends to bring feelings of obsession, stress, and worry, whereas intuition comes from a calm, balanced center within. This mantra will help you learn to feel the difference.

3. “I trust my intuition.”

The next step is learning to trust that intuitive voice within.

You may receive flashes of insight all day long, but if you brush those off, you can’t benefit from your internal center of wisdom. This is a mantra that you can repeat throughout the day while meditating or directly after receiving an intuitive feeling from within to help you place more faith in your abilities.

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4. “My intuition protects me.”

There may be times when you don’t want to hear what your intuitive center has to say, and you may feel an urge to ignore it – like in the beginning of a new romance with someone you truly like, especially when they’re dropping red flags left and right.

Remind yourself that your intuition is your friend, not your foe, with this mantra.

5. “My internal wisdom runs deep.”

It can be difficult to act on intuitive thoughts and feelings when you feel like you’re lost in the world – which is often when we need our intuition the most. But you need to remind yourself often that you are a creature of magic, an individual born from the infinite wisdom of the universe, and you are chock full of mystical, deep wisdom.

6. “I sense the energy around me.”

One aspect of intuition that is extremely beneficial is the ability to read the room, to sense the energy of a situation using only your instincts. This skill can save you pain and frustration or lead to opportunities, as you’ll be better able to notice when it is or is not the moment to strike.

This mantra will help you deepen that intuitive sense of the energy surrounding you.

7. “I am exactly where I need to be.”

Part of working with your intuition is understanding that everything happens for a reason – that everything that’s happened in your life, every choice you’ve made, has brought you to this very moment where you belong.

Reminding yourself that you’re exactly where you need to be right now will help you avoid succumbing to anxiety and confusing it for intuitive feelings.

8. “I allow my intuition to guide me.”

Surrendering to your intuitive powers is a key component to enhancing those powers. This mantra will help you display and embrace that feeling of surrender to both your own wisdom and that of the universe.

9. “Ong namo guru dev namo.”

This is more of a traditional mantra tied to yogic practices. This mantra means, “I bow to the Divine Teacher within,” and repeating this phrase helps you further unite with that sage inner teacher.

10. “Om.”

Perhaps the most well-known mantra within yogic practices, “Om,” is one that benefits yourself and your energy in multiple ways, including:

  • Reducing negativity
  • Clearing the aura
  • Amplifying confidence
  • Promoting mental clarity
  • Increase energy
  • Enhance intuition

This simple but powerful mantra will help you feel more centered and more receptive to your intuitive gifts.

Learning to Trust Yourself

Your intuition can be your superpower with you learn to listen, trust, and follow it. And repeating these mantras frequently can act as the first step towards practicing an intuitive-based lifestyle – yet there are many other ways to enhance your instinctual skills.

What will you do with your newly enhanced powers of intuition?

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Rhiannon Liselle

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