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A woman massaging her neck while on the phone because she is stressed.

What Causes You Stress, Based on Your Enneagram Personality

When it comes to stress, there’s one thing we all want: to be free of it!

Of course, no one is completely stress-free, but we can understand ourselves at a deeper level to make sense of what causes us to be stressed and how we can deal with it in a way that is the most beneficial for us.

We can figure out the best way to deal with stress by knowing our Enneagram personality type.

How can the different Enneagram personality types react to stress? Well, your Enneagram represents the core of your character, so it knows a thing or two about what makes you tick!

So what causes you stress based on your Enneagram personality type, and how can you deal with it in this fast-paced modern world? Read on to find out!

What Causes You Stress, Based on Your Enneagram Personality

1. The Perfectionist

What Makes You Stressed?

When things don’t go to plan. A perfect example is that you spend hours planning a road trip, only to find the car breaks down or someone’s thrown a tantrum and refuses to come.

How Can You De-Stress?

One of your strengths is that you have a powerful mind.

Therefore, using techniques that help bring you mental clarity and balance when stressful situations hit is the best way to deal with it. Count to 10 and breathe deeply, in and out. When you feel stressed, take 10 minutes to yourself and quietly meditate, reminding yourself that it’s not the end of the world if things go a little off track.

2. The Helper

What Makes You Stressed?

Conflict with others. A perfect example is when you fall out with a loved one or disagree with a neighbor.

How Can You De-Stress?

Creativity and nature are both powerful healing tools for you. More than others, you are deeply connected to your emotional self. Spend time nature bathing or engaging in a piece of art, music, or written piece as these help you bring balance to yourself again.

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3. The Achiever

What Makes You Stressed?

Failure (whether perceived or not) of any kind. A perfect example is working long and hard on a project, only to have it rejected by someone else.

How Can You De-Stress?

Boosting yourself during such moments is essential. As an Achiever, you tend to be too hard on yourself. To de-stress, write down a list of all your successes to date. Write down what you like about yourself.

Focus on your strengths. Doing so helps to balance out feelings of negativity you may have about yourself.

4. The Individualist

What Makes You Stressed?

When your identity is under threat. A perfect example is being forced to conform to a certain type of uniform that is required in your place of work.

How Can You De-Stress?

Like the Helper, you benefit the most from nature and creativity. You are an individual and proud of it. There is nothing more nightmarish than being forced to relinquish your individuality.

Immersing yourself in nature or your creative mind reminds you of who you are and strengthens your spirit.

5. The Investigator

What Makes You Stressed?

Whenever someone invades your personal space. A perfect example is someone going through your personal belongings.

How Can You De-Stress?

Reading books and watching shows about emotional intelligence is a great idea to help you de-stress.

Your natural way of doing things is to find solutions. If stress presents itself as a problem, taking a methodical approach to finding a solution is the best way to calm you down. Applying emotional intelligence to these situations helps you become the master of yourself.

6. The Loyalist

What Makes You Stressed?

Quite a lot makes you stressed as a Loyalist!

While one of the most hard-working and reliable types, you are also the most prone to anxiety. A perfect example would be if many people you know with vastly different world outlooks came together for a family gathering.

How Can You De-Stress?

Maintaining inner balance is so important for you as stress can be triggered easily.

Meditation and yoga are both highly recommended. The use of essential oils works wonders on you, and you benefit from dabbling in spiritual topics such as astrology and the occult to help you understand yourself and the world at a deeper level.

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7. The Enthusiast

What Makes You Stressed?

Being caged in by reality somehow. A perfect example is feeling trapped in a job you hate.

How Can You De-Stress?

You need to maintain your zest for life. Of all the types, you are the most prone to escapist tendencies, and you have to be careful of this.

Planning is vital, and feeding that part of yourself which craves excitement can be achieved by arranging evenings/weekends throughout the months where you do something exciting and adventurous: a cheese-tasting class, or going for a weekend away to the mountains, or trying out new hobbies or group activities are all good ways to keep that vibe going!

8. The Challenger

What Makes You Stressed?

Feeling powerless or helpless. A perfect example is if you are stuck in traffic and need to be somewhere at a certain time.

How Can You De-Stress?

You tend to blow up easily, so you need to catch it before it spirals out of control.

Focusing on the physical and mental is important. Physical exercise such as weightlifting or HIIT is beneficial to you. Mentally, practicing positive affirmations works wonders in helping you to calm down.

9. The Peacemaker

What Makes You Stressed?

Conflict and disharmony, either with yourself or others. A perfect example is when you find yourself agonizing over a choice of morals.

How Can You De-Stress?

Long walks among the trees or letting your feet rest on the sand are the perfect ways for you to de-stress. Alternatively, bringing plants into your home works wonders. You are strongly connected to nature, and it has powerful healing abilities for you.

How Will You Tackle Stress?

Your Enneagram personality may cause certain types of stress, but it doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it because it is a part of your character.

Knowing yourself at a deeper level helps you to deal with any negative qualities or issues that arise. Much of the time, having a plan of action to prepare for these stressful moments is the surefire way to ensure you are protected from them.

What is your Enneagram personality type? How can you incorporate these methods to help you deal with stress when it rears its head?

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