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Dream On! The 9 Most Common Dreams & What They Mean

Dreams can be confusing and annoying if you don’t know that they have real value for you. There are no bad dreams when you can interpret the helpful messages they have for you.

As a dream interpreter, I’ve helped people find the helpful messages hidden in their dreams so they can move past fears and recognize their hearts’ truest desires.

Being that fear is something that runs and ruins many people’s lives, it is something that is often revealed to us in our dreams. If you look at each time you’re afraid in a dream as an amplification of how your subconscious is affecting you, it can be very helpful so you can make decisions based on what will truly uplift the world and not on limiting thoughts.

Here are some deciphered dreams that many of us get a lot. Even if you don’t have these exact dreams, just reading about them can help you unlock the hidden messages in your own dreams as well!

Teeth Falling Out

This is a dream about fear. Because it relates to something aesthetic, it’s actually our subconscious showing us we don’t have to put so much emphasis on our looks and we don’t have to surround ourselves with people who do. If you’re spending a lot of time and energy trying to keep up on appearances or worrying about them, your subconscious is trying to help take that pressure off of you in this dream.

Forgot Your Pants

Often when we put too much on our plates, we start to worry about forgetting things. The pressure can become overwhelming when we allow ourselves to do too much without relaxing. It puts stress on our nerves and keeps us in a state of fight or flight. When your body is trying to tell you there’s too much going on, you’ll have dreams that you forgot something as embarrassing as your pants. The message is slow down, take the pressure off of yourself and allow your intuition to show you how to attract things to you instead of hustling so much.

Can’t Get To Class on Time

If you’ve grown up in a school system, you’re most likely going to have the dream where you can’t find your class schedule or can’t find the right classroom. Sometimes you forgot to study for a test or you didn’t get your homework done. All of these variants contain a healing message from your subconscious: you don’t have to value yourself based on the marks you received from judging teachers. You can love yourself regardless of being on time, getting perfect grades or being ‘perfect.’ This dream is your heart telling you to just love yourself as a spirit and not feel you need perfect actions or behaviours in order to do so.

Sex Dreams

Sex is about desires as well as creativity. If you grew up in a sexually repressive environment where talking about sex wasn’t easy and it was referred to only in shameful, guilt-ridden ways, you will probably have these dreams until you heal your relationship to this beautiful part of life. It’s also a great reminder to go ahead and say how you feel about someone. Often sex dreams cue you into creative energy that is looking for an outlet in your life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to find a partner, it means all your creative energy can be plugged into a project you feel passionate about in order to uplift the world.


Don’t you wish you had more of these dreams? Most people enjoy the dreams in which they are flying. Flying dreams bring a great message that your current stream of consciousness is on the right path that will free you from limited thinking and allow you more and more abundance and joy. It’s a good sign to get a dream like this.

Driving Out of Control

A dream about a car represents your body and the feelings that are in your subconscious trying to come through to wake you up to something. If you’re in your car and it crashes, speeds out of control, or gets a flat tire, take another look at your health and see what areas you may need to take better care of. Remember, health is both emotional and physical. If someone else is driving your car, it means someone else is in the driver’s seat in your life and your subconscious wants to help you regain your ability to be self-guided.

House Being Destroyed

If you are in a house in general, this represents your body and health. Look at the area of the house you’re in and the condition of the house for clues to your health. If there are a lot of people in your house, you might be allowing people to walk all over you or you’re succumbing to peer pressure. If your house is burning, falling into the ground, or you’re lost in it, you can see how all of these could relate to how you’re treating yourself. Take time to be still and quiet and journal about how you can improve your health.

Being Chased

This common dream means you’re letting your fears run your life. In order to stop having these dreams, find gratitude for this message and realize you can trust the Universe to guide you to a more empowered state of mind. Ask the Universe for what you want and what is best for you to do with your life. Once you start following and relying on your intuition, these dreams will cease. When you’re not independent in your mind and weighed down by the mental chains of society, these dreams will show you how your limited perspective is affecting your waking life.


We often get dreams about animals in different circumstances. Pay close attention to the characteristics of the animal. These represent the strengths you have within yourself. There are extensive books and articles that break down what each animal means and I highly recommend looking up a few different articles about the animals appearing in your dreams to see what information resonates the most with you for the correct message. Be specific if you can about the colour of the animal, what they were doing - even where you were and the weather in the dream can matter.

Concluding Thoughts…

In general, everyone and everything in your dream represents a part of you. Your reoccurring dreams allow you the biggest relief when you finally understand the healing message they are trying to offer you. The weather represents your emotions and animals represent characteristics within you. Other people usually represent something within you as well that is being reflected in them. This can help you stop blaming people for your circumstances and start co-creating the life you want.

Dreams reveal your power. For the most part, this day to day decision making and perspective revealing subconscious healing is what is going on in your dreams. Few dreams are actually premonitions of the future (although they can be). Don’t freak out if you see something bad happen, even dying is only letting go of the old you to welcome an upgraded version. When you’re aware you’re dreaming, you’re tapping into group consciousness and the realms of other dimensions. Finally, If you see someone that feels extra important or prominent, write down how you could pull the strengths of that person out of yourself instead of idolizing them!

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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