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Don’t Be Defined By Your Past: A Meditation To Move On

Don’t Be Defined By Your Past: A Meditation To Move On

We are all defined by our past to some degree, whether it’s the fears that were instilled in us at a young age, the beliefs that were taught to us through our environment, the karma we generated in past lives, or the things we have done in this life. There are ways to guide yourself through a gentle healing process to release your mind from the nearly invisible shackles of the past, and today we have an opportunity for you to do that in a simple guided meditation.

This guided meditation can help you let go of the limiting beliefs that may be causing you to think negatively about yourself, others, or the possibilities that lie before you in life. Removing scars of the past allows us to breathe in the true essence of our creative potential which taps us into the greater cosmic consciousness. It allows us to be loving and open and step into our power.

Before you begin the meditation, try to find a quiet place where you will not be distracted by other people, TV or noises. Prepare the space for meditation by making a comfortable place to sit, possibly light some incense, and play soft meditation music. Dim lights or candles can help you go deeper into your meditation as well. You may want to record this guided meditation on your phone and listen to it. Just be sure to speak slowly to allow yourself time to let the meditation unfold.

Part 1: Finding the Defining Moment

To begin the meditation, start to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose. Allow yourself to relax deeper with each breath and focus on the air as it comes in and out. Notice the movement in your body as breathe. Your ribs expand as air enters your body and your stomach contracts as it leaves your lungs.

Begin to fall into yourself, back inside your mind, away from the world, into the blackness. Allow yourself to breathe even deeper as you enter a giant room. As you look around this room, you notice it’s a beautiful movie theatre and the movie is just about to start. Take a seat. You will now see a significant moment in your past which is affecting you in some way today. Just watch the screen without thinking or analyzing.

After you watch the scene, a very wise elder comes onto the screen to share with you how this is affecting you today, holding you back from experiencing more joy or opening to more possibilities in your life. They will show you and you can ask them for clarity if anything doesn’t feel clear.

Part 2: Cleaning The Space

The house lights come on in theatre and another wise elder who is dressed as an usher comes to help guide you to the tape room where you can decide to put another tape in place of the one you just saw. In this library is an infinite number of healing scenes you can use to replace this past memory with something more helpful to your development. Choose something that makes you feel uplifted and free. You can go ahead and put the other tape in the garbage can on the floor.

You’ll now walk down to take a seat again, and as the house lights dim, you’ll watch this new memory which will give you a good experience to draw on in your subconscious mind. This time when the elder comes onto the screen, they will tell you how this new memory is going to help you in your life today and allow you to live with love, openness, and peace. Let them deliver the message to you without thinking or analyzing, just let it sink in.

Now ask them to show you just one more past memory that you can replace. Even if they show you something that surprises you, just wait until they tell you how it’s affecting you. Trust this process. Then allow yourself to be guided back to the tape library to find a better story to watch on the screen.

When you’re done, slowly count up from 1 to 5 to breathe yourself back into your body and back into the room. Write down in a journal what you’ve gleaned from this journey.

Concluding Thoughts…

You can use this meditation anytime you feel like you’re in a low vibration, fearful, hurt, or confused. This meditation can clear up the energy that may be lingering and affecting you so you can live a simple, happy life. You’ll sense your power coming back to you each time you do it and you’ll get used to guided meditations if you’re new to them now. Be patient. Do this once per day and watch as your life transforms over the next month.

This type of meditation is something healers and clairvoyants do daily as well. If you notice you seem to be attracting low-vibration people or situations, it’s usually because your mind is subconsciously holding onto the pain from a past experience. You can always use this meditation to release those memories, and those experiences will usually stop happening.

Focus more on what you want to happen and your vibration will stay high. If you find it hard to believe that you are capable of having what your heart desires, use this meditation to tap into your subconscious and remove those past beliefs so you can expand and stay empowered.

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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