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Dancing With The Divine: How To Tap Into Your Divine Feminine

Oh the Divine Feminine, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. Whether you identify as male, female, or anywhere in between, we all carry the Divine Feminine in us - just as we also carry the Divine Masculine. When we are able to live with both the masculine and feminine in balance, it is known as living in alignment with our highest selves. The Divine Masculine will get its own time to shine soon, but today all eyes are on the Divine Feminine.

So what exactly are we talking about?

The Divine Feminine energy is all about creation and receiving. A power source of this energy comes from our sacral chakra (just a few inches below the belly button) which is the chakra spinning around in correlation to our wants, needs, desires, sexuality, and creation. Our creativity, visions, and sensuality is a beautiful flow of feminine energy coming online within our body.

The Divine Feminine is the pure loving, nourishing, and goddess essence. It provides the guidance, healing, and communication with something larger than us here on the physical realm.

Are You Out of Touch with Your Divine Feminine Essence?

Do you feel like you are experiencing creative block? Or identify as someone who is “not creative”? Let’s show your feminine side some love. If you are someone who is often feeling burned out and always having to be on the go… it’s time to say hello, Divine Feminine! Here are some beginning steps to letting your Divine Feminine energy be unleashed!

1. Create Something!

It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. Shoot, no one even knows you have made it! When we let ourselves create something, we open the channels for the Divine (the Universe) to flow through us. Whether it’s a song, a dance, a drawing, a business idea - moving into a space of creation will help to ignite that divine flame within you for more. Sometimes we have to treat creativity and art like a muscle- it needs to be trained and strengthened a bit before it is just flowing and blowing us away naturally.

2. Allow Yourself to Receive

Again, none of these things have to be huge life-changing actions (but if that’s what you are inspired to do, by all means - your life, your rules). For a day or two, keep track of what you receive throughout your day. Compliments, a free coffee, great conversation, money, ideas, a massage, energy work, etc. We can often block ourselves off from receiving the abundance of abundance the Universe has lined up and is ready to let in as soon as you are. Say yes to receive the things you desire in life and watch them unfold right before your eyes.

3. Be a Human Being for a Little While

Huh? Let me explain what I mean… Our society has been conditioned to always be on the go and doing something. It’s as if we have forgotten that we are human beings and an important part of us being able to perform as our best selves, we need to actually allow ourselves to, well, be. Take time to rest and nourish yourself. Love on yourself- maybe take a bubble bath, read a book you love, give yourself a foot massage (or allow someone else to give you one). Honour the inner-goddess within you. Accomplish more by doing less.

4. Meditation

The more we allow ourselves to unplug and tune in to our inner worlds, the more in touch we can be with ourselves. It is in moments of meditation we nourish the mind, body, and spirit. When slowing down and bringing our focus to the breath, we can create space to fill our tanks and receive moments of inspiration. Anyone who identifies as a creative or as someone who desires to begin expanding their spiritual and/or creative practices would benefit greatly from making time to meditate at least once a day. Want a free guide to help you build a meditation practice? Request your free copy!

5. Follow Your Intuition

That voice that says turn down the street you never go down or call that person you haven’t thought about in a while… that’s your intuition. It is the navigation system that leads you to your heart’s truest desires in the most fulfilling way. Trusting our intuition and ourselves to follow that is the ultimate sign of acknowledging and moving with our Divine Feminine. That wisdom that resides within all of us is the voice of The Divine guiding the way. Believe, receive, and go with the flow.

You are an infinite well of creativity and untapped potential.

In order to utilize this energy and potential to its fullest (it is the use of our masculine energy that is the action and force or making things happen), it is important that we take time to nourish the Divine Feminine and make sure she is fueled. Without Divine Feminine, there is no true vision, passion, or creation for the Divine Masculine to help take shape here.

When we open ourselves to receive and give ourselves space to create- so much liberation and magic can occur. What do you desire to create for yourself? Tap into that inner wisdom, relax, and let yourself receive!

Kelly Keefe

Kelly Keefe

Following the guidance of her heart for the past 11 years, Kelly has developed a strong foundation in the space of spiritual teaching, energy healing, and empowerment coaching. Living as a Reiki master, ceremonialist, coach, and student of life, she works with individuals and groups to tap into their highest truths... Read More

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