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Daily Life’s Editorial Team Spills What’s in Their Bags

Do you love snooping in your best friend’s bathroom, because you get to discover a whole new collection of cosmetics and product?

Maybe your sister or boyfriend has the best taste in shampoo - and you always wonder how their hair smells so good. We all have our favorite, but let’s be honest - there are always more amazing accoutrements we can add to our collections!

Sometimes the best and most revealing product reviews are from the people you know best! In the spirit of sharing and just for fun, our editorial team thought we would share a few of our favorite things - by spilling our purses and revealing our must-haves!

What’s in Our Bags?

Mady - Junior Content Coordinator

Saje Stress Release Oil

Image via www.saje.com

The lavender, orange and roman chamomile scent is both relaxing and energizing. I find it relaxes me and I like the tingle, plus it relieves my tense muscles from sitting at my desk and reading a screen all day. It’s also 100% natural and vegan, which makes me like it even more! Saje.com suggests applying it to your palms, rubbing them together and taking a really deep breath. Heavenly!

Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slipper

Image via www.amazon.com

I always wear open-toed heels and I somehow realize too late that my toenails are chipped. This is my favorite color a girlie nude-pink shade that goes with most everything. Fun fact: in 1989, the Queen of England’s hairdresser sent Essie a letter to request this color, which was the only one her Majesty would wear!

Kind Dark Chocolate Bar

Image via www.amazon.com

These are the yummiest, gluten-free, healthy(ish) granola bars - they only have 150 calories and 5g of fat, which is not bad for the size. I always get snacky before lunch so I keep them in my bag for emergencies. They lie somewhere in between the crunchy and chewy scale and can serve as a decent substitute for my cookie cravings.

Samzary Coffee Cup Paper Clips

Image via www.amazon.com

We all love cute stationery, and these cute coppery clips both organize my cluttered desk and emphasize the importance of caffeine in my daily life. I like to hang them off the push pins on my office corkboard - so everyone can enjoy them and see how much I’m crushing it.

Polka Dot Scrunchie

Image via www.amazon.com

The 90s are gone, but they live on in my purse (and hair) forever. I have a hard time finding elastics that don’t rip my hair out, so I like that these don’t pull at my scalp when I put my hair in its ever-present top knot. Using scrunchies also ensures that I don’t get the elastic dent in my ‘do, so I can rock another day without washing if I need to.

Marina - Social Media Specialist

Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Matte Lipstick in Deep Red

Image via www.amazon.com

My red lipstick is my ultimate accessory. I feel like the powerful boss babe I am with it on, and it completes any outfit - business or casual. This line was the first lipstick collection from the ever-elegant Kate Moss and can last through all of my meetings.

Saje Halo Roller Stick in Peppermint

Image via www.saje.com

Being on a computer or phone (#socialmediaspecialistproblems) 24/7 has its downfalls - nasty headaches! Thankfully, once I roll some calming peppermint oil on my temples or below my nose, I feel an instant sense of calm and my headache soon melts away. Head pain be gone!

Blistex Lip Medex

Image via www.amazon.com

Sadly, I am prone to dry, cracked lips. This is the ONLY product that has ever helped relieve that, so you can bet I don’t go anywhere without it (and I actually have some in my room, at my desk, and in ALL my purses).

Lululemon Yoga Leggings & Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra

Images via www.amazon.com

Yoga is my go-to workout, and I’m often hitting up a class right after work. Having leggings and a sports bra ready to whip on for a refreshing hot flow is a must! Lululemon knows how our bodies work when it comes to movement and I respect that they have serious policies in place when it comes to slavery and human trafficking. Of course Victoria’s Secret has a ton of choices, but I like this simple version - I don’t even notice I have it on!

Sydnie - Managing Editor

Cordial Organics Balance CBD Formula

Image via www.cordialorganics.com

I recently started looking into the benefits of THC-free, CBD oil and decided to try this formula. It helps take the edge off when I’m anxious or stressed and helps me focus. Another plus, it tastes great and can be used to relieve pain! Added bonus: Cordial Organics supports organic farmers and a portion of all profits are donated to causes founders Desi & Shelly believe in!

S’well Lilywood Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Image via www.swellbottle.com

I have been trying to make hydration a priority in my daily life and this S’well bottle is the perfect size, keeping my water cool and fresh - no more mid-day stale water!

The Book Club Blue Light Glasses in the Art of Snore

Image via tbceyewear.com

Being a Managing Editor for an online publishing company, I am on a computer for the majority of the day. These blue light glasses have changed my life - I no longer get horrible headaches and dry eyes from staring at my screens all day. These are a must in my purse, and let’s be honest, I own more than one pair!

Alii Kula Lavender Farm Organic Lavender Spritzer

Image via www.aliikulalavender.com

From my favorite place on the planet! This Maui-made lavender spray is perfect to help you refresh during the day or while traveling. Not only do I carry it in my purse, but it also resides on my nightstand. Living that lavender life!

Pukka Three Mint Tea Bags

Image via www.well.ca

I know that if I’m not prepared, I will always make bad choices when it comes to food and drinks. So I try and keep healthy snacks and individual tea bags in my bag for when I feel like I need something more than water. This organic blend of peppermint, spearmint and fieldmint tea is also caffeine-free, so I can drink it all afternoon if I want!

Natasha - Content Editor

Sakura Pigma Micron Drawing Pens

Image via www.amazon.com

I like these pens because they come as a pack in different line weights! My personal pen preference aside, it’s always a good idea to keep a pen or two handy in your bag, especially if you’re fussy about your handwriting like I am. (Or if you’re the type to leave passive-aggressive notes on the windshields of people who have parked improperly.)

Secret Aluminum-Free Deodorant in Rosewater

Image via www.secret.com

There is no situation in which I’m willing to drop above $10 on a deodorant, so this is a great drugstore alternative to the high-end natural deodorants. Secret recently came out with a few naturally-scented aluminum-free deodorants that also double as great aromatherapy.

Anker Portable Phone Charger

Image via www.amazon.com

I like this phone charger because it’s little and lightweight, and under no circumstances am I going to buy a phone charger that is the same size or larger than my actual phone. This one charges pretty quickly too!

Biddy Tarot Everyday Tarot Mini Deck

Image via www.amazon.com

This teeny tiny Tarot deck from Biddy Tarot is great for on-the-go 1-card draws when I need to re-centre myself in the midst of an anxiety attack or while I sit in rush hour traffic. It’s also great to whip out at parties and read for friends (or overshare with total strangers) so you can establish yourself as the bad ass, enlightened modern mystic you truly are.

Vantic Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

Image via www.amazon.com

This re-usable straw collapses like a telescope into a super tiny travel case so it won’t get dirty in your bag. You can even attach it to a keychain! Not only will you be doing your part to produce less waste, the next time your barista hands you a plastic straw, you can smugly refuse it and whip out your TELESCOPE STRAW instead!

Sarah - Senior Content Coordinator

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 60 SPF Stick

Image via www.laroche-posay.ca

Hyperpigmentation runs in my family - and I am rapidly approaching my 40s. I use the cream version under my make up when I’m getting ready in the morning, but the stick is perfect for reapplying when I head to the dog park, walk home from work or just need some extra protection in the car.

Matt & Nat Farre Dwell Wallet

Image via www.amazon.com

I committed to carrying a smaller purse a few years ago, thus I needed a more efficient and compact money, rewards card and gift card vehicle. Enter Matt & Nat, who I have long loved for their commitment to not using leather. (Fun fact: all of their linings are made with 100% recycled bottles.) I need never go back to a traditional long wallet!

Lancome Juicy Tubes in Grapefruit

Image via www.amazon.com

Yes, I still have 5 of these - the perfect combination of smooth, good tasting and shiny with a hint of color. Lancome discontinued these in Canada years ago, but I am still avoiding finding a substitute until I absolutely have to.

Fresh Sugar Lemon Rollerball Perfume

Image via www.sephora.com

I have long been a dedicated fan of Fresh, a line that started in 1991 with signature wire-wrapped, artisanal paper -lad soaps in Boston. Luckily, they have long since expanded into face cream, lip treatments and the divine perfume line. Even after sunrise yoga, I know I will smell like I snuck in a shower between downward dog and morning huddle. Side note: If you love this citrusy scent as much as I do, you can layer the fragrance with Sugar Lemon Shower Gel.

Doggy Do Good Biodegradable Poop Bags

Image via www.amazon.com

I have a 3-year-old Newfoundland, and it’s very important to keep giant dog breeds from packing on extra pounds (you and me both, pup!). I take her for daily off-leash romps at our local dog park - and never want to be caught without one of these scented poop bags. I also love that they’re biodegradable, with the amount that I collect and throw away, I feel great that it’s not going to sit around for years to come!

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