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5 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

A normal experience a woman or man encounters is a conversation about their own body image or a discussion about someone else’s. It comes up all too often in social situations. People spend money trying to alter their shape and obsess over finding a more appealing image because our society has placed personal worth in a very toxic place.

To think that attraction must be limited to one body type is just unhealthy and limiting. These ideas have been imposed by marketing campaigns that link power to a certain look. It’s all coming undone and we are seeing the frauds that have held power in society because they’ve been busy making everyone very insecure about their own skin and bones.

This mass debunking and exposing is empowering people quickly through the spread of social media which has quickly latched onto the wings of body positivity to allow men and women to feel self-love that so many generations have been chronically deprived of. How can we heal our own image issues? We can follow some people who have already dug deep within themselves and are on a mission to liberate society.

Here are five accounts that you want on your feed. Oh, and do yourself a favor and unfollow people who are seeking validation by trying to fit into the old patriarchal mould.

Lizzo - @lizzobeeating

Her Instagram account @lizzobeeating is a celebration of the beauty of curves. She is so in her body and loving who she is that you can’t help but be drawn to her infectious and liberating body acceptance. Her recent feature in Rolling Stone Magazine was a bold statement for the body appreciation movement. She posed in the nude and also performs without hiding any of her curves.

Her courage to love herself and love life without the chains of self-deprecation that society beats into the collective unconscious is revolutionary. Her music is also filled with body appreciation and empowering mottoes.

Body Positive Coloring Book - @bodypositivecoloringbook

The Instagram account @bodypositivecoloringbook is a unique way to get inspired to embrace all bodies. The art appeals to kids and adults and includes people of all genders. They offer free pages to download and color through their Facebook page. This is probably a new type of coloring for people who may have grown up coloring images of princes and princesses that looked nothing like them or people in their family.

Heal through the power of color and have fun doing it. This could be a fun thing to do with friends or to give to loved ones to help change the tides. Posting your finished artwork on the refrigerator will help you be reminded to love your natural self right now just the way you are and to avoid thoughts of judgment that take time to break.

BBC Body Positive - @bbcbodypositive

The Instagram account @bbcbodypositive is from one of the big media channels, which is a big deal! It has created this online platform with the goal of connecting people so that they can talk about this issue and work through it together. This is geared towards men and women and brings to light a lot of the issues that people beat themselves up about like body hair, head hair, weight, freckles, acne, scars, periods, and much more.

It gives you a new perspective on things that have created shame or embarrassment and no longer need to hold you down. It’s a really well-curated intentional account that can help you feel like you’re a part of the global movement and maybe learn about even more ways you can love every day and stop wishing you were different.

Body Positive Memes - @bodypositivememes

This is a great way to use humor to fight the good fight. This account can help you with inspirational quotes, funny memes, and images you may choose to share on your platform. Engage in the body appreciation movement by being a voice to the people who follow you or see how people are talking about this issue in the community at large.

We need a language to address issues and step into a new reality that is full of self-love and this is one of those accounts that can help you change the way you think and talk so you can feel confident all the time and help others. You never know who is silently struggling and will come across your feed and finally feel free of self-hatred or at least start to!

Zach Miko - @chubstr

Male body positivity does not get enough attention, so be sure to check out @zachmiko who is a blogger and podcaster about this very thing! His account @chubstr about the big lifestyle and his podcast “Big Things w/ Zach Miko” are shiny beacons of hope for the next layer of body shaming our world needs to shed.

He is making waves as a model and spokesperson for this cause and someone that we think deserves a follow and a shout out. While women are able to speak up about this issue more, it may be harder for the men still and they may not even know it’s a thing.

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Closing Thoughts…

We all know that there are some illusions and negative effects caused by social media. Why not make social media something that contributes positively to your life by unfollowing the accounts that aren’t using the platform for good in the world or feeding into the toxicity? Create your own voice and shift the demand for equality and respect in many aspects of your life like conversations, dating, jobs, boundaries, and give yourself permission to stop hiding and start being fabulous.

Let’s be a part of the generation that promotes kindness as sexy as Ashton Kutcher said in a Teen Choice Awards speech. His organization THORN is also doing a great job in combating one of the true evils that this unhealthy body obsessiveness has created in the world which is child sex trafficking. We often have conversations with people that are roses and unicorns but we don’t see or discuss the people who are around the world suffering even more than us because of these toxic social agreements.

It can be hard to start to set boundaries for yourself out in public or in our close relationships but finding healthy ways to do so becomes easier the more you do it. When we start to love ourselves, the mean comments or condescending treatment becomes something that we understand as a cultural sickness instead of something we are powerless over. We can first love ourselves and then channel our energy into positively shifting the culture like we see these accounts putting their energy into!

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Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the "norms" of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It's led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor.... Read More

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