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10 Gift Ideas to Wow Dad This Fathers Day

10 Gift Ideas to Wow Dad This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have your gift ideas ready?

Chances are, you’re probably in need of a few suggestions. We compiled the ultimate Father’s Day gift list, including tech-savvy gadgets, wellness options, relaxation products, and handy tools for barbecuing or helping out around the house.

Here are our top 10 gift picks any dad is sure to love this Father’s Day:

1. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is taking over households across the globe.

Now your dad can play music, make calls, check the weather, send messages, or schedule calendar events by telling or asking “Alexa,” Amazon’s virtual voice assistant. It is the ultimate in-home tech-savvy system that can even control your TV and lights. Alexa continues to receive updates and improvements all the time, ensuring your dad gets only the best from Amazon.

It has a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating, and can alleviate the stress of having different sound and speaker systems throughout your home. Give dad the gift of a simple and easy wellness lifestyle. The Amazon Echo is an exceptional gift for those fathers that are into the tech community and like to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology.

2. Fitbit

The Fitbit can contribute to a holistic wellness lifestyle and keep your dad on track with his fitness and health goals. The Fitbit tracks heart rate, sleep, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed, and number of minutes active per day. On newer versions, it even allows you to call, text, or receive calendar alerts. It is the perfect gift for helping your dad stay mindful and aware of his daily activities and health. This convenient, wearable device can further provide him with guidance towards further improving his overall health, helping him lead his best life.

3. S’well Water Bottle

You know the ones. These water bottles are all the rage right now! The S’well water bottle is made of stainless steel and is guaranteed to keep cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours. This is the perfect gift for the active father or for the guy who likes to keep hydrated during busy days. This bottle is gym-friendly or can be carried around to the office, the car, and throughout the home. It’s sturdy and comes in tons of colour and pattern options. Chances are, he’ll actually use it — and if he doesn’t, you can!

4. Tom Dixon’s Copper-Plated Stainless Steel Stovetop Coffee Maker

Is your dad a die-hard coffee drinker? This smooth and sleek coffee maker was made just for him. The weighted base ensures no spillage, and the handle is heat-resistant, putting safety first. Help your dad start his mornings right with a warm cup o’ Joe.

5. Kobo eReader

Give your dad the gift of relaxation. The Kobo eReader is one of the best e-readers on the market right now, but you’ve got no shortage of options if you want to look elsewhere.

The Kobo allows your dad to bring multiple books with him on the go, without the hassle or weight of the actual books. It can help him relax on his days off or after work. There’s nothing quite like chilling out after a long day with a good read. These devices are also ideal for travelling, as they can be thrown easily into any carry-on.

6. The BOOM 2 Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker

If your dad loves a soundtrack to his adventures, these speakers are made for him. The BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is shockproof and waterproof.

The speaker can be emerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of about 1 metre. It has surround 360-degree sound and a 15-hour battery life. You can’t go wrong with the BOOM Bluetooth Speaker. It’s basically made for the outdoors or those who are constantly on the go.

7. Kacebela BBQ Grill Set

Is your dad the BBQ guru in your household? A well barbecued and well-balanced meal contributes to any Dad’s optimum health and wellness lifestyle. Homemade food is the way to go if you are health-conscious and want to be aware of what you’re putting in your body.

The Kacebela BBQ Grill Set on Amazon is a 19-piece stainless steel tool set consisting of utensils, tongs, spatulas, BBQ brushes, and more. It’s basically everything your dad would ever need to grill up healthy yet delicious grub for the whole family. This is one gift you’ll get to benefit from as well, as you reap the delicious rewards of dad’s latest grilled creation.

8. Sun Mountain 2018 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

This golf bag is considered one of the best golf bags of 2018. If you have got the budget and your dad is a huge golfing enthusiast, this is the perfect gift.

However, it does come with a fairly hefty price tag. With the theme of encouraging a healthy wellness lifestyle, you could instead buy your dad a round of golf or a round of practice shots at the driving range. Consider going with him to make the experience even better. Don’t put yourself over budget if what your Papa wants most is quality time.

9. Sock It To Me Socks

Who couldn’t use an extra pair or two of socks? They get holes in them and constantly need to be replaced. The Sock it to Me brand adds a twist to this staple, yet unremarkable gift. They make socks fun. They are bold and have something for everyone. From mustache patterns to animal puns, your dad won’t be disappointed.

So, go ahead. Get your dad socks this Father’s Day, guilt-free. Chances are he will need them!

10. Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit

Does your dad consider himself a bit of a handyman, but tends to be a tad lacking in the tools department? Get him set with everything he needs with the Apollo Precision Tools Household Tool Kit. It comes with 53 pieces, including pliers, a tape measure, a hammer, screwdrivers, and more. The case helps keeps tools organized and is easy to store. It is a complete tool kit with all the essentials any handy-Dad could need.


Dads do a lot for us growing up. They feed us, read bedtime stories to us, teach us to drive, and support us in every stage of life. Maybe your dad inspired you to be who you are today. Maybe he was the one to help pick you up when you felt beat down. That unconditional paternal love has done more for us than we will ever know.

Give back and show him how much you appreciate him. Whether you choose from our gift ideas or simply craft him a handmade, heartfelt card this Father’s Day, the real gift is the relationship you have together.

Krista Bugden

Krista Bugden

"Believing in yourself is really half the battle," says Krista. Anything is possible and you really can achieve anything you set your mind to, is her motto. Physiotherapist, Piano player, skydiver, yogi, adventure traveler and energetic force of positivity, Krista is herself a (delightful) force to be reckoned with! As... Read More

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