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Mediterranean chicken wrap

Feed Your Body Friday: Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

Welcome to another Feed Your Body Friday! I know that many of you are often looking for new ways to cook chicken breasts. Lost in ideas of pasta, one dish meals and salads, we often forget that we can also... Read More
depressed woman

How To Overcome Social Anxiety

An article published in Psychology Today on loneliness recently brought up an interesting truth about isolation. The more isolated people are, the more their brains go into fight or flight mode, making them feel unsafe in social situations. That means... Read More
fathers day gifts

10 Gift Ideas to Wow Dad This Fathers Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Do you have your gift ideas ready? Chances are, you’re probably in need of a few suggestions. We compiled the ultimate Father’s Day gift list, including tech-savvy gadgets, wellness options,... Read More
man and small child running

Fit Family Fun for This Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, why not include the whole family in some fun and fit activities? You can make this Father’s Day a day your dad won’t soon forget, and you can do it with your family’s... Read More
stressed man at work

Do Men Have Different Stress Triggers Than Women?

We all lose our minds sometimes, but when it comes to stress, are men and women really that different? We thought it would be interesting to look at the difference between the two ends of the gender spectrum when it... Read More
broken man and woman wedding cake topper

How To Mend Broken Relationships (Before It’s Too Late)

Some things you just can’t learn in school. When it comes to building and maintaining relationships, often we end up learning as we go unless our upbringing offered us an education in healthy interpersonal dynamics. This can leave a... Read More
woman sleeping

How To Take A Mental Health Day

The universe constantly strives for balance. Scientific theories about the universe state that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” There is a continual tug and pull. The same proves true for mental health care. Positive self-care... Read More
spicy bruschetta

Feed Your Body Friday: Spicy Summer Bruschetta

Happy Feed Your Body Friday, friends! Summer is my favorite season, like many of you, I’m sure! I like everything that comes with it: festivals, being able to wear shorts, holidays, hot days and warm evenings. One of the... Read More