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Daily Inspiration

heart on glass, heart written in steam on glass, sunset

How to Follow & Trust Your Heart

Remember that movie with Julia Roberts called Eat.Pray.Love? Following your heart doesn’t necessarily mean going to stay in an ashram in India, but it can mean exploring new systems of thought, examining your own beliefs and why... Read More
chicken avocado apple sandwich, picture of sandwich

Feed Your Body Friday: Chicken, Avocado & Apple Sandwich

Happy Friday everyone! On this week’s edition of Feed Your Body Friday we have a sandwich recipe for you that brings in elements of velvety avocado and crunchy apple. A sandwich is always a good option for lunches and... Read More
woman meditating, practicing mindfullness

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

Our emotions are part of being human and there will be times in your life where your emotions may get the best of you. You may feel particularly saddened by a situation. You may feel anger or resentment toward someone.... Read More
joyous woman, very happy woman

Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

There are moments in our lives where our emotions get the best of us. When you feel afraid, angry, frustrated, insecure, confused, sad or a similar way, try saying an affirmation to change your state. Your thoughts will guide you... Read More
woman running

Spring Clean Your Workout Routine

Have you hit a fitness plateau? Maybe you’re just lacking fitness inspiration, or are unsure how to make progress in your workout routine. You notice you are not getting any stronger, any bigger, or any fitter. Exercise plateaus happen... Read More
woman looking in mirror

What Your Environment is Telling You About Your Soul: The Mirror Effect

This article will help you see beyond the matrix. Don’t believe the matrix is real? People’s behaviors are very predictable, based on the web of significance their environment has weaved for them. This is the study of anthropology,... Read More
one pan crispy tofu recipe, tofu and vegetable recipe

Feed Your Body Friday: One Pan Crispy Tofu and Veggies

Welcome to our new series, Feed Your Body Friday. It’s all about nourishing your body with healthy, and delicious food. Tofu is a food that I particularly like, but I have a hard time selling it to my kids... Read More

Meditation 101: Calming Your Mind & Soul

Stress is a part of life. In the short term, stress is surprisingly good for us. It keeps us clear of danger, boosts brain power, fuels motivation, and helps with immune function. However, long-term stress has harmful effects. It can... Read More