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rainbow socks, woman running through field

It’s Pride Month! Let’s Talk Self-Care & Acceptance

June is LGBTQA+ Pride month, and the party’s already started! All year, queer communities look forward to the gorgeous weather, the parade, and the parties that Pride month brings. Things extra loud, extra colourful, and for the most part,... Read More
group of friends

5 Ways to Find Inspiring New Friends

Have you heard the saying, “you’re known by the company you keep?” Let’s take that one step further and look at how our friends influence what we consider our ‘common sense’ to be. If you want to create... Read More
couple working out together

5 Partner Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Many find sticking to an exercise routine a challenge. Life happens. It can crash right into your healthy routine and destroy any and all progress you’ve made in a moment. But, that’s okay. You can pick yourself back... Read More
group of friends with hands combined

Soul to Soul: Mental Benefits of Strong Relationships

Do you ever feel like you have a lot of acquaintances but few close friends with whom you can be entirely raw and share your deepest personal feelings? Sometimes our minds create subconscious barriers that keep us from opening up... Read More
feng shui couch

Can Feng Shui Relieve Stress?

Picture your home, your office, your car. Scan around the area and count the piles of stuff, the amount of things you’ve accumulated, the boxes and shelves of knickknacks and doodads that have made themselves comfortable taking up space... Read More
penne with bolognese

Feed Your Body Friday: Penne & Bolognese With a Healthy Twist

We made it! Welcome to Feed Your Body Friday, friends! After a long week at work, getting some fresh creative juices flowing in the brain is a great idea. Rather than worrying about what you’ll do for Saturday dinner,... Read More
heart made of vitamins

Supplements 101: Do You Need Them?

Dietary fads have been around for decades. Right now, nutrition and wellness supplements are everywhere. The internet is flooded with information about them. A lot of this information can be misleading and confusing for consumers. It has people asking: “Do... Read More
gratitude journaling

Attitude of Gratitude: How to Practice Daily Gratitude

Welcome to one of the most valuable practices of your entire life. Having an attitude of gratitude can be the game changing secret to a deeply fulfilling life.I heard a story about someone who traveled to India to meet... Read More