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indoor plants

Benefits of Bringing Plants into Your Home

You'll often notice that plants are a huge part of interior design and the effects they have on us are not merely subjective. Scientists have studied the many positive effects that plants have on us - they are one of... Read More
two woman exercising and high fiving

Stuck Inside? How to Stay Motivated During Indoor Workouts

Finding that motivation to squeeze your workout in can be tough sometimes. We have all been there. It has been a long day. I am too tired. The weather is cramping my style. I just don't feel like it. You... Read More
group of people using phones and tablets

Social Media Detox: Strengthening Organic Relationships

It's important for us to be aware of how quickly our nation has become addicted to technology and social media, and the effects this is having on our relationships. Humans thrive on their interpersonal relationships, and without them, depression and... Read More
man relaxing in chair

How to Destress? By Caring Less!

Just stop caring so much! It sounds so easy, doesn't it? While there are certainly many things that can cause us stress, if we can start to sort them out instead of allowing them to tangle all together, we can... Read More
green smoothie bowl

Feed Your Body Friday: Green Smoothie Bowl

Nutritious and easy to drink, smoothies are very popular. If you are in a hurry in the morning or are tired of traditional breakfast, a smoothie can be an interesting alternative. Recently, the smoothie bowl has gained a lot of... Read More
two coworkers fighting

How to Deal with Workplace Conflict Confidently

Have you had crunchy interactions recently in the workplace? Do you feel like toes are being stepped on or there's tension in communications? Well, I have a fun solution to infuse your workplace with love and positivity which leads to... Read More
meyers briggs personality types

Improve Your Relationships With the Myers-Briggs Personality Test

The happy-go-lucky couple you see on Instagram or Facebook only show one side of their seemingly perfect life. In reality, who knows exactly what goes on behind closed doors? The truth is that most relationships aren't perfect - far from... Read More
people drinking hot chocolate

How Chocolate Will Help You Blast Through Fear

"So you mean to tell me that by drinking chocolate, I can heal my body, mind, and spirit while also blasting away fear?" Yes, my friend, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. It is true. However,... Read More